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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Guitar Hero! Luck!

Who would have thought that Eli would be the Manning left today? :)

Lira came over today and we had Burgermeister and played Guitar Hero! :D Next time, we shall try Rock Band, teehee!

Went to the Sharks game last night with tersa and it was lots of fun! We went to Teske's, a German restaurant in San Jose that Goc like, for dinner before the game. I had buffalo stroganoff which was yummy. And we took our strudel to go, but alas, were not in time to see warm ups. :( I choose to believe that Nabby flirted shamelessly with Vesa at center ice and that there was wild gesticulation.

I don't know if they do this at other arenas, but at the Shark Tank at every game one of the programs is signed by a player on a certain page, and if you buy that program, you get a prize, and Milan's signature was in the program that I bought!!! :D Apparently the program lady told tersa that the signed program was in the pile on the table, but I didn't hear that, and after seeing tersa carefully pick out 3 programs, my Singaporean instincts kicked in and I picked the one that looked the best to me. (This applies to buying anything--MUST PICK BEST ONE).

So when they announced the page to turn to to check for the signature, I was really surprised to see it there! The actual prize was kind of bewildering to me, actually. It was a Motorola Razr but seemed to be set up to work with Metro PCS. But I don't want to change carriers cos' I have a plan that really suits my usage. So I need to figure out if I can use that phone with my current carrier/plan.

The game itself was... mostly typical Sharks home game incompetence for the beginning of it. :P But towards the end of the second period they picked it up and it was very heartwarming to watch the comeback. We cheered for Vesa! :D And he played great. It's nice to see him doing well. :)

TO crying while defending his QB is absolutely amazing.

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*G* actually, from what they showed on HNIC, Vesa flirted with Marleau, because Don Cherry made a big deal about opposing players *gasp* talking to each other and not crosschecking each other in warm-ups and such, I guess.

*squeaks* I love warm up flirting!!! And at the end of the FSN broadcast they ahd a shot of Vesa and Nabby flirting and it made mahppy. *sigh*

Grats on the prize! But now our phones will be different... :(

Thanks! I don't know if I can use it, though. Maybe there's a secret thingie in the phone that makes it only work with metroPCS!

TO crying while defending his QB is absolutely amazing.

Um, yeah. I'm still confused though. Why was he crying? Were people picking on Romo? And TO felt the need to draw attention to himself? And sob uncontrollably?

Well people were saying that maybe it was Romo's fault because he went to Mexico with Jessica Simpson for the weekend before the game. So TO talked about how it was unfair to single him out and that they lost as a team.

"That's my quarterback! That's my quarterback you're talking about!!!"

The Lightning do that here with the little program they hand out at the games and there is a signature in one that you win whatever it is for that night. Haven't been a winner yet though=(

I suspected it might be a thing that other places would do as well! Hey, you never know, you might win when you least expect it.

I hated TO everywhere and was really unhappy when he got signed. But you know what? He's done nothing, especially this year, but work his ass off for the team.
Is he as self serving as ever? Sure. But there's one thing for sure. The man appreciates Romo. But then, Romo has no ego, like McNabb, so TO doesn't have to compete with him for the spotlight.

"That's my quarterback!!!"

I've just never seen an athlete be so emotional in quite the same circumstances before. It was really... different.

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