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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Uploaded videos from the NHL All-Access Sophomore Sensations episode.

For crazies:

Ovechkin and Semin gaying it up

For x_jerseygirl:

Zach Parise

For the Buffalo people:

Ryan Miller

Jason Pominville

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I haven't seen any of those, actually! Oh, TP. I loved him and then he was gone. *sigh*

I saw that on TV! Whoever came up with the link between hockey rink glass and maternity ward glass is brilliant. :D

I love you, Mae. *hugs* If I didn't already want to have Ovechkin's babies love Ovechkin, this video would have pushed me over the edge. I so need to write Ovechkin/Semin fic now.

Haha, aren't they incredibly gay together? Also, I love that Semin's about his favourite prank was translated into just "underwear"--no further explanation.

The Sasha's are so great. *grins*

I DVR'd this and absolutely loved it. Now, I can watch it as many times as I please. Thank you! :D

Now, with Alex and Alex, I wouldn't feel awkward watching them kiss, probably because their interaction is so comfortable. Plus, Europeans make closeness between like genders to normal. Even more pluses, Alex Semin. Who knew he was that pretty? :P

Hee, you're welcome! I totally thought of you when I watched it.

Dude! Exactly! Like I knew who Semin was but hadn't really noticed his face until now. At least it's not as sad as when I liked the A-Line and only saw their faces after Petr and Jason were traded away.

Awww! Now, that is a travesty.

I must tell you, we have David Clarkson on our team now who reminds me in every way of Jason: the cocky attitude, the tall brawiness, the aggressive nature, Canadian..it's all there. :P

... how about the stupidity? :P


None that I've seen, as of yet. But we wouldn't hear of a conceited rookie on the Devils because, well, it's the Devils, and we hear very little about the team. :P

On a side note, I do have to say, I am SO EXCITED for the Sharks game! As the date approaches, I'm getting more and more hyped up, especially with the Devils playing as well as they are. :P

I'm excited too! Less than a month before we leave. *hops* I need to buy proper luggage.

*laughs* Semin is the gayest thing in the world! I love him! His laugh is just ... spectacular. And they are both such outrageous dorks together! Thanks for posting! :)

They're pretty fabulous! Also, favourite prank = "underwear". Oh you know what I should do is get Russian Alex to translate what Semin really said for me!!! :D

Lol, you definitely should! I think the masses need to know the truth!

Love the Parise one! Thanks for posting!

You're welcome! It was a good episode.

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