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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Evgeni Nabokov

Nabby is an All-Stah!

As promised, Halischuk and Marchand clinging to each other like a pair of homos.

I'm so excited that Nabby was picked for the All-Star Game!!! :D I think he really deserves it this season, considering that the team as a whole has generally been flailing around a lot and we're still in the position in the rankings that we're in.

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Watching this interview made me feel awkward.

Just think how awkward you'll feel when you see them making out!

See, now, it's not awkward for me to see two guys kissing. But them, it just feels like it'd be the most uncomfortable situation. :P

Is Horcoff good? Because I was surprised to see him on the ASG roster.

well there has to be one... haha I kid, yeah yeah he should be, they call him scorecoff >.< bah

also mae awww interview! I still need to watch this on tape hehe. thank you!

Has to be one what? Representative from the Oilers? Or one surprise? Isn't he like one of their team's MVPs or something? Like wasn't he injured and they sucked?

representative from each team. and yeah he totally is, he's a good player

They're pretty stunningly gay!

they are *grins* brad kissed someone else on the bench too hee

I thought the cage was in the way?

oh that was other guys! this was after the win :) on the bench or in the third maybe

MULTIPLE KISSES!!! Okay, that gives me something to look forward to when I watch the game (I still haven't yet).

me either!!!! ive just seen highlits still hehe

Umm, all I know is he's good in shootouts. I thought he was pretty bad last season, but so was the whole team. ;)

Pardon me for jumping in ...

I wouldn't call him the best player on the team when all things are equal, but he's been the best player this season and would probably be our MVP for the first half (his only competition in that would be Garon, and obviously he wasn't going). So yeah, I think he deserved it, and I'm not really a fan of his.

The young guys just seem to be getting gayer and gayer as the years go by.

Okay, I obviously didn't hear this interview even while I had an eye on it, because all the kissing, and! TOGETHER FOREVER WAS THEIR MOTTO! OMG, the love. <333333 I kept forgetting to watch it; thanks Mae!

(And I love "I want to say hi to all my parents." Hee!)

The motto was pretty awesome. :) OMG and I totally didn't notice "all my parents", muahahaha! Thanks for pointing it out.

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