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Music, my writing heroes

I have two (published) writing heroes: Neil Gaiman and Tom Chick. Tom Chick hasn't actually written a book (that I know of) but umm, he writes game reviews for magazines. Yeah, I know. But but but... I think he's brilliant because he writes stuff like this:
We live in a city that hates Wal-Mart. I can't really blame them. I've been to a Wal-Mart Supercenter. It has everything. All other businesses within a fifty mile radius might as well close down. So the city passed whatever laws are necessary to keep the Wal-Marts at bay. But that doesn't stop the Wal-Marts from pressing up against the edges of the city on all sides, like armies laying siege. They know it's just a matter of time. Wal-Mart is as patient and enormous as Cthulhu.

[Edit: *cries* Tom Chick's not writing any more of these articles. *sniffles*]

I get very twitchy about music. This is because listening to music I dislike (which is a lot of it) just instantly puts me in a foul mood. So I never listen to music recommendations because I don't want to risk a negative reaction. It's not that I'm all fussy and high-brow--I like Britney Spears and most throwaway pop (and "punk", "emo", "nu metal" etc. whatever it's all pop, really).

So I really appreciate the trend of TV shows pimping music out. That's how I found The Pierces. And I've grown to like a lot of the Guitar Hero songs too, like "Infected" (Bad Religion), "Stellar" (Incubus), "No One Knows" (Queens of the Stone Age). And "Blow Me Away" (Breaking Benjamin) which they played before the Canada vs USA WJC game.

Tried Bark at the Moon on Guitar Hero on hard and FAILED in like 10 seconds flat, hahaha. 5% of the song completed.

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