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Total fan fic wet dream

SEC 2, OSU 0.

I'm really digging that album cover meme and all the cool/fun stuff people are coming up with! :)

Did anyone see Halischuk and Marchand being interviewed during the HNIC pre-game? Because they were clinging to each other like a couple of homos. I shall upload. :P

ALSO! robi0688 linked me to a teaser for Torchwood season 2 and it's a freaking fan fic wet dream. Aside from the awesome scene involving Spike (yes, Spike from BtVS) there's a fun bit with the rest of the Torchwood team later that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about what the tone of the next season is going to be like. :)

[Edit: Oops, I linked to the gay-off by accident earlier. Correct link is up there now.]
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