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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Total fan fic wet dream

SEC 2, OSU 0.

I'm really digging that album cover meme and all the cool/fun stuff people are coming up with! :)

Did anyone see Halischuk and Marchand being interviewed during the HNIC pre-game? Because they were clinging to each other like a couple of homos. I shall upload. :P

ALSO! robi0688 linked me to a teaser for Torchwood season 2 and it's a freaking fan fic wet dream. Aside from the awesome scene involving Spike (yes, Spike from BtVS) there's a fun bit with the rest of the Torchwood team later that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about what the tone of the next season is going to be like. :)

[Edit: Oops, I linked to the gay-off by accident earlier. Correct link is up there now.]

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Hahahhah... I think you put up the wrong link--you linked to a 'gay-off.' Which I suppose is pretty close to Torchwood.

Hehe, I just caught that. But at least it was somewhat relevant?

"Talk to the hand because the wrist is pissed!"

FLAILING. JUST FLAILING. AT BOTH CLIPS. "Is more fun when he's around, though."

Also, that guy is much hotter when he isn't Spike. That or I've only ever seen bad pictures of Spike.

With the nods of agreement!!! Amazingly, that bit got me more excited than the Jack/Spike scene (but not by much). I guess because I'm a sucker for camaraderie type stuff. :)

I think he's one of those people who looks better in motion. I had no idea that he was as old as he was but looking at photos, I could see it. Also, now there's an American with a Brit accent on a show that already has a Brit with an American accent. :P

That reminds me of Spike and Buffy trying to kill each other before having impromptu sex inside a collapsing building...

...and Song 2 is simply the perfect battle song...for anything ^_^ I wish they had it on 300...

Oh, that was a totally fantastic scene!!! *mourns Buffy*

Also, I peeked at your LJ and Green Grass & High Tides is horrifying for drums, too. :( How did you find my LJ, BTW? :)

"Rock Band" search ^_^

and yes, my friend was screaming bloody murder after that song showed up randomly during one of our game sessions.

...of course, after that came "Sabotage", at which time our lead singer screamed her lungs off yelling bloody murder as well.

...fortunately, I was playing bass both times =P

...and hey, you like Sharks (kind of) ^_^ Mind if I friended thee?

Oh, I love that game. :D You know what the worst song is, though? Blackened, yikes. It's part of the Metallica pack that he bought but now it shows up as a random song. :(

I like real sharks too, and not at all! :)

I bought the Metallica pack as well...hurts my fingers every time, and always catches my drummer off guard with all the rhythm changes within the songs =P

...still iffy on whether or not to get that new Iron Maiden cover song...but the new STP song they just had up was pretty neat. I five-starred it on medium on my first try...and 100% accuracy on my second ^_^ I must say that the All-American Rejects song remains my favorite DLC right now...


Ooh!!! I didn't see the new songs that came out! I like both of those All-American Rejects songs a lot and the Stone Temple Pilots one too. :D Must bug my friend to get them. I'll bet the drums for "Move Along" are pretty fun.

Not sure about the drums, but the guitar is really easy to get into, even on Hard...

...and the way your "concert" is lit during the performance even RESEMBLES an AAR Music Video =P

I borrowed Guitar Hero 1, 2 and rocks the 80s from my friend so I can improve my guitar skills. :D Must... master... double strum...

I wish I could practice the drums at home too, though. That takes some getting used to.

Double-strum becomes instinct after a while...try doing Orange Crush on Hard over and over...it starts with mad strum tab flicking ^_^ The problem is always knowing when to stop =P

The bass drum double-step is always a bit of a killer...hell, drums is a killer period since you always have a non-constant amount of distance to compensate for every time you play...

I've been practicing a bit with "I wanna be sedated" on hard, and trying to do it with other songs. Yeah, stopping is the hard part.

It's addictive, though! I'm about halfway through the drums solo tour on medium... and then I got stopped dead by the stupid Green Grass & High Tides!!! :P

Yeah...I wrapped up Guitar on medium a few nights ago...in the middle of Guitar on Hard, taking breaks to do Bass on expert (I can get 100% on a lot of songs now) then getting back on it again. I've been able to afford the Nashville Double-Neck (kinda like this one, but I set the color scheme to make it look acoustic) and my favorite, the chainsaw bass guitar ^_^

Also finally finished off Paris in Band World Tour...gotta love how it's structured to MAKE you play on harder difficulties if you ever want to finish =P

And yes...that stupid country song halts progress like no other. On the brighter side of things, you're guaranteed to five-star it if you do manage to finish ^_^

Edited at 2008-01-09 09:03 am (UTC)

Ahh, I haven't done any shopping at all for Rock Band (because the game is not mine). Very nice!

I think we haven't unlocked Paris yet. We only just got the PR firm and unlocked Moscow and Reykjavik.

Maybe I'll work on it using the practice mode and slow it down at first. Of course that doesn't help if I can't do it at full speed. :P

The whole Paris thing depends on what you have your band's home town as (ours is London...don't ask...we were bored).

The whole "by speed" practice mode really helps with drumming for Aerosmith and Metallica, we've found ^_^

Ahh, that makes sense. Our home town is - most unimaginatively - San Francisco. One of these days I'd like to just sit and watch other people play so I can look at the animations of all the characters and see the venues properly. As opposed to just frantically trying not to get booed off while drumming or trying to save the drummer who got booed off while I'm on the guitar. :P

Yeah, it's really hard when the drummer gets kicked out...the beat that you were basing your entire performance off of goes bye-bye ^_^ Shortly afterwards, the bass player goes.....there's not much hope after in the later difficulties =P

I want to see the Halischuk/Marchand clip!!

The amount of gayness from the Canadian WJC not only emanating from them but being SHOWN by TSN was bracing!

I have it all encoded and stuff, just need to upload. I was talking to abby20 earlier, and she agreed with me that the little hockey boys are just gayer and gayer with every year! :D

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