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Smut works!

Wrote smut about the lesbian yesterday and Sharks won and he got a goal and an assist. I'm 2 for 2! And Caat is writing a Stars/Sharks thing for Thursday so we get 2-for-1. *grin* Whore/Cheech! *thud*

Hmm, and I think Bernie is gonna write Leafsmut. *hops* Will listen to Leafs/Panthers tonight to find out if she did. *grin*

Writing the lesbian is like free therapy, except nobody talks back to me.

I like too many teams, and hate too few. I don't even hate them. I just strongly dislike them. It's okay because there's no way in hell they're winning the Stanley Cup. *grin*

I'm getting some very very wrong thoughts about the Stars. *weeps* I'm already such a fic slut. I don't need to write about more people.
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