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Nabby, your Russian goalie

From here:
Canada defeated Sweden 3-2 in overtime Saturday to win the 2008 world juniors championship in the Czech Republic. But some of the focus in the Sharks' locker room was on Russia's victory over the United States for the bronze medal.

And just in case his coach missed the results, goalie Evgeni Nabokov had a flier printed up with the score:

"Russia 4, United States 2. Ron, Don't cry too much. . . . Nabby, your Russian goalie."

My love for Nabby is THIS BIG! <-------------------------------------------------------------------->

So on the FSN Bay Area website, they have some clips that were filmed for Shark Byte that didn't make it into the show. I was looking through the list for the latest episode and one of them is titled "Find the Groin".


And then I read the description for the clip: Ricky Bobby takes a quick stretch with Dmitri Patzold and learns a little more about his groin muscle. Which is pretty much the plot synopsis of any given gay porn video!!!

The next clip after that one is titled "Don't Say Soft". *chortles*

[Edit: So I watched the Find the Groin clip and... well, here's the transcript:
RICKY BOBBY: *stretching and groaning* What's that muscle called? Right here?
PATZOLD: *tilts head and stares at Ricky Bobby's crotch*
RICKY BOBBY: Is that the groin?
PATZOLD: *gestures* Little higher.
RICKY BOBBY: *grunts* It's tight. Groin's tight.
PATZOLD: *still staring at crotch and grinning*
RICKY BOBBY: Okay, no more, I'll pop something. It'll be good for tonight, eh?]
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