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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Dan Haren

Well, it's clear what his intentions are

I finally watched Haren's press conference and he seemed pretty upbeat and also kind of silly, and it's been long enough so I didn't feel sad/sick, but I may have physically recoiled from my monitor when Haren said "I'm definitely looking forward to slot in behind him..." and then he repeated "hopefully I slot in behind him".

Blech. I have this sinking feeling that I might actually begin to like the Giants when baseball starts because I like 4 of their starting pitchers (well, you know, 4 right now, they might be traded, blah blah) and Bonds is gone. Not that I don't like Bonds, but I couldn't like the team with him on it. Hard to explain. :P

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Who does he hope to slot behind? Brandon Webb? D:

I didn't hear the name, but almost certainly him. It was disturbing!

Oh you know you enjoyed hearing that!

Giants = Grossness

I can't believe I'm gonna have to disown you. You were my favorite daughter, Mae.

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