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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Swedish penis enhancers!

I think I've already said this five times tonight, but I might as well go into broken record mode. *ahem* I wrote Arkora smut and the Ducklings and the Stars won 5-0! Coincidence? I think not! From now on, I shall try to write Thornstrom smut when the Sharks go up against tough opponents to give them that little edge. :)

Oh yeah, and Tammy just referred to Sunny as a Swedish penis enhancer. *grin*

But I didn't write CS! *wails* I'm still intimidated by writing him, I think. *sigh* Maybe I should write something else for a little to build up my courage again ...

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swedish penis enhancer rofl, its true though *giggles*

mae you are a good luck charm!!

*grin* You could say the same of Nazzy too, huh? :)

And I hope I am a good luck charm for my team! LOL!

*gg* so could for him too :) *licks sunnynazzy*

hehe that'd be awesome!!

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