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The Invincible M.A.E.

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2008 WJC - It's not pedophilia, it's "scouting"

Subject from a thread title on the Something Awful forums. Apparently even the straight boys are aware of the lechery that is the WJC! :D I haven't actually watched the game from this morning yet but I have it recorded. Poor little Czech boys.

Been watching a lot of Torchwood recently. The scene between Ianto and Jack with the stopwatch killed me, mostly because I can't even think of what you'd do with a stopwatch. I am fascinated with Jack! I want to see him kissing boys. :)

Bought sugar cookie sleigh ride tea today. It was yummy! Alex said it sounds like a sex position.

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I think the stuff I like about Torchwood is kind of incidental, aside from the character of Captain Jack. Like the city porn! I'm a sucker for city porn. :)

Also, randomly, I watched some John Barrowman clips on YouTube and at one point he gets asked about the character's sexuality, and he says, "Well, there's a reason he has stretch marks around his lips."

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