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The Invincible M.A.E.

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2008 WJC - It's not pedophilia, it's "scouting"

Subject from a thread title on the Something Awful forums. Apparently even the straight boys are aware of the lechery that is the WJC! :D I haven't actually watched the game from this morning yet but I have it recorded. Poor little Czech boys.

Been watching a lot of Torchwood recently. The scene between Ianto and Jack with the stopwatch killed me, mostly because I can't even think of what you'd do with a stopwatch. I am fascinated with Jack! I want to see him kissing boys. :)

Bought sugar cookie sleigh ride tea today. It was yummy! Alex said it sounds like a sex position.

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OMG, like in the Cyberwoman episode? That was so fantastic! There's all this incredibly cheesy stuff going on like pterodactyl vs cyberwoman fights going on, then he keeps weeping all over the place.

The actor that plays that dude cracks me up. Gareth something something. He brings Shakespeare to the campy camp.

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