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The Invincible M.A.E.

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2008 WJC - It's not pedophilia, it's "scouting"

Subject from a thread title on the Something Awful forums. Apparently even the straight boys are aware of the lechery that is the WJC! :D I haven't actually watched the game from this morning yet but I have it recorded. Poor little Czech boys.

Been watching a lot of Torchwood recently. The scene between Ianto and Jack with the stopwatch killed me, mostly because I can't even think of what you'd do with a stopwatch. I am fascinated with Jack! I want to see him kissing boys. :)

Bought sugar cookie sleigh ride tea today. It was yummy! Alex said it sounds like a sex position.

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Torchwood is good tv. Which is nice, because there isn't much of that in the world these days. :-)

That tea is soooo yummy, I love it. I bought a bunch of boxes of it. lol.

What? This is like the golden age of television! There's never been this much good TV at the same time before. :)

I had it with a little sugar, but the box suggests milk too so maybe I'll try it that way!

Really? *laughs* I don't know, I'm disenchanted these days.

Yes. Little sweetener and a little milk and it's awesome. :-)

In general, I remember TV as being crap, crap, and more crap until Buffy the Vampire Slayer came along, hehe.

that tea sounds soooooo cood!!!!

hahaha its all secretly about the jailbait porn!

I'll bring you some of the tea next week. :-)

It is! I'm going to try it with milk and sugar. :)

Apparently not so secretly!


Spoiler: There are two MOST EXCELLENT Jack/boys kisses in the final two episodes of the season. And then another in the newest S2 trailer.

My personal theory on the stopwatch is "who can make the other come quickest" but maybe I read too much slash.

Eee! Eee! Eee! Captain Jack has that same quality as Ava's son on Nip/Tuck where it would not be inappropriate for him to have sex with anyone at any given time. :P

Dude! So cos' I got kind of obsessed with that stopwatch thing, I went and Googled it and I found this essay which I mostly skimmed over but it talks about how someone wrote a fic about 12 things they could have done with the stopwatch and one of them was timing how long it took to complete a sudoku, haha. In general I liked that essay cos' it talked about how the show gets into the whole Cardiff and Wales setting which I really like about the show, and the whole "slash is written by women for women and we don't give a fuck what other people think" really captures the appeal of slash for me. :)

"Bought sugar cookie sleigh ride tea today. It was yummy! Alex said it sounds like a sex position."

--It sounds like a really *interesting* fic as well! [vbeg]

I think SDQ has already written that fic...

I will bring you the rest of my sleigh ride tea next Saturday. :) It is tasty, but I probably won't finish it.

Jack flirting with everything is part of why I like him so much. :)

Actually, I should find the Cpt. Jack Dr. Who episodes for you to watch because there are some absolutely hysterical Jack stuff in them. :)

Jack: "Hi."
The Doctor: "Stop flirting."
Jack, protesting: "All I said was 'hi'."
The Doctor: "For you, that's flirting."

Thanks! Since it's not caffeinated I'll be drinking a lot of it at the office! :D

Muahahaha, that's an awesome exchange! <3 You know, I've never watched Dr. Who in any incarnation.

I watched that whole series a few months ago. It was no David Tennant hilariousness, but teh gay is always win.

I have never watched Dr. Who! I only started watching Torchwood... well, basically for teh gay. :P

Ianto is 2 emo 4 lief. :'''(

OMG, like in the Cyberwoman episode? That was so fantastic! There's all this incredibly cheesy stuff going on like pterodactyl vs cyberwoman fights going on, then he keeps weeping all over the place.

The actor that plays that dude cracks me up. Gareth something something. He brings Shakespeare to the campy camp.

I am fascinated with Jack! I want to see him kissing boys. :)

OK, look at icon.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I am mesmerized. :)

How did you find this post? You are like the fairy godmother of slash.

LOL, I searched for Torchwood on Google Blog Search.

I like being the fairy godmother of slash!

At first I was kinda put off by Torchwood and all the same sex kissing cause it seemed to be more like... OOO! Look at us! We're so cool, we have boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls and threesomes and sex sex sex!!!! But then I got into it. You HAVE to watch Dr. Who! Jack is so in love with the Doctor. Well, really, everyone is. But you know that hand that Jack has in the bottle? That's the Doctor's hand!!! The Doctor lost it during a fight in the sky and it fell down and Jacking fucking *found* it and kept it safe. And any time he hears the TARDIS (this weird whirring noise) he bolts and starts running to go find his true love. Basically the Doctor left him behind and he's been looking to be reunited with him ever since.

Okay, and that sounds really cheesetastic, but it's actually handled.. uh, non-moronically. Anyway, I liked Jack more on Dr. Who but he grew on me here. The finale is like.. cracktastic.

Yeah, it's a little bit... self-conscious? So that explains the hand!!! Aww, that kind of makes me a bit weepy that he's soinlove. tersa said I could go watch just the Jack episodes.

I got into (the new) Dr. Who because someone said it was amazing and I watched the first episode and was just like... I felt retarded because I did. not. get. it. And now four seasons later, I am totally smitten. The series got better as it went along, and strangely enough it was the epi where Jack first shows up that I really really loved it. I think because that's when I realized the Doctor is the last of his kind and he's been alone for a very long time and to see in that two-story arc him finally *finally* smile and dance, it was just... wow. I got attached to him too, so whenever he like... uh regenerates and a new actor takes over it's like.. I worry the new guy won't be as good as the last. Luckily, though, I've loved both actors.

Wow, that was long. Um. Mainly, though, I think that if you like Torchwood, you should try Who because I think it's much better.

Chiming in! I tried watching New Who in the beginning and was bored silly, but went back to see the Jack episodes and I really really love it now. IT's very thematically different from Torchwood while still having the same spirit. IMO.

I think the stuff I like about Torchwood is kind of incidental, aside from the character of Captain Jack. Like the city porn! I'm a sucker for city porn. :)

Also, randomly, I watched some John Barrowman clips on YouTube and at one point he gets asked about the character's sexuality, and he says, "Well, there's a reason he has stretch marks around his lips."

I think I want to at least watch the Captain Jack episodes. Which probably means I'll end up watching all of them, haha.

Jack is pretty much the only reason I kept watching Torchwood. It's kind of like watching fan fiction!

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