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The Invincible M.A.E.

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One of his eyes is bigger than the other

Happy new year, everyone! *confetti*

Winter classic interviews:

I like how Ryan Miller almost got run over by the zamboni. I have ridiculous amounts of affection for him.

Finally watched Sin City and loved it! I recorded it on TV though, so I'm sure it was probably censored to death. My roommate is going to rent it at some point, but I don't know if the violence/gore will be a problem for her since she said V For Vendetta was violent/gory and... I think it wasn't as bad as the censored version of what I just watched. :P

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What's strange is that I didn't find Sin City gory at all. I think because it was done comic style I didn't think anything of all that strangely colored blood? And was Vendetta really gory? I must be numb to all the violence.

I think nothing really strikes me as gory because of playing computer games for so long and I know it's all fake. Something real, though, I couldn't handle. I won't even watch Jackass. Eviscerate people in a movie and that's fine, but like... give someone a paper cut for real? *shrieks*

When she told me that she found V for Vendetta gruesome, I really had to think a while because I couldn't immediately remember any gruesome scenes in it. So I think Sin City would bother her. :P

That was a nice watch! Thanks for posting it. OMG. I think I heart Miller <3
"You dont want to get run over by a zamboni. They teach you that pretty early" LOL.

And he stopped the interview with "just a sec" He's so awesome.

You're welcome! Ryan Miller and his weirdly asymmetric face are very endearing.

I like that he was so matter-of-fact about it, like he almost gets run over by zambonis all the time.

Haha, he's awesome. It's sad I never get to see him play :(

Haha I loved the "just a sec" as he moved outta the way...<333 He's so smooth.

Jason Pominville is quite attractive...but oh man, does he ever have a girly voice. It kinda makes me enjoy him even more, I just want to pat him on the head and giggle with him.

And ah, I love my Penguins boys so much.

I like boys with girly voices. :)

*giggles* see you and your miller love is as bad as me and my random guy love! ;p


Five Ryan Millers don't even meet the horror of your random guys!!!

one ryan miller is worse than anyone! ;p

FWIW, I saw the unedited versions of both and found Sin City MUCH MUCH gorier.

Yeah, see V for Vendetta just has that one fight scene at the very end that might be upsetting for some but there wasn't really anything else in the rest of it and with Sin City it was pretty constant. Such lovely visuals, though. I think the only thing I didn't like about the movie was Becky. I'm not sure if it's because I'm so used to seeing her as Rory Gilmore, but she didn't seem like she played the role very well.

Just a little note, because I think you'll appreciate this:

The NFL, as a promotion thing, is having the players tell funny stories from their days in the league. They're all here.

Ahh, I've seen commercials for that! I love the 49ers Brian Jennings one. :D He got thrown around a plane, haha.

I love the Matt Hasselbeck one. I just laugh so hard everytime I watch it. :D

Haha uncensored Sin City is all boobs butt and blood. Not that any of that is a bad thing. Ahem....

He definitely succeeded in bringing the comic book look to the big screen, and I love comics. :)

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