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The Invincible M.A.E.

Heart in a Box, 2

Title: Heart in a Box
Author: Mae
Rating: PG-13, some swearing
Characters: Patrick Marleau, Joe Thornton
Dedication: The Vegas girls. :D
Disclaimer: It's all lies!
Author's Notes: This is set just after Joe Thornton was traded to the Sharks in November 2005. I started writing this in 2007 but only picked it up again recently and it's finally done! The idea came from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but I went a different direction with it.

Heart in a Box, 2

The limousine was Patty's idea; he wanted to make Joe feel wanted, like he was welcome on the team. Kyle McLaren was surprised when Patty asked him if he wanted to join him to meet Joe at the airport. He frowned, searching Patty's expression carefully, looking for some trace of emotion, some glimmer of resentment, perhaps, but there was nothing. His eyes were like glass, reflecting light and images but without life of their own.

A streak of red appeared on Patty's shirt, over his chest.

Kyle nodded. He thought it would be a good idea for Joe to see a familiar face when he got to Buffalo. He knew that Joe must have been in a state of shock; Joe had thought that he was going to be a Bruin forever because he wore 19 and he was a captain and well, everyone knew that Steve Yzerman was going to be a Red Wing forever. Kyle had never thought that Boston was a good place for Joe, but he'd kept that to himself because Joe wasn't the kind of person who would even look at the grass on the other side to see if it was greener.

They were quiet in the limo on the way to the airport. Kyle's couldn't stop staring at Patty's chest when he looked at him, full of questions and just a little bit disgusted, so he ended up just looking out the window at the snow-covered trees. He started to think idly about Joe and how he'd fit in on the team; he remembered the amazing passes that Joe had made, and all the times that he was simply unstoppable, the puck tethered to his stick until finally someone on the other team would hook or trip him. Kyle didn't doubt that Joe the player was going to be brilliant, but he thought that Joe the person might need a little support.


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