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I missed the underaged Czech boys :(

Hope everyone had a good time this weekend/holiday! I'm a little awkward about the whole Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays thing. In my country Christians are a minority but everyone celebrates Christmas in a non-religious way so it's totally appropriate to wish e.g. Muslims "Merry Christmas" and do the whole gift-giving thing. But who knows, in the past 10 years maybe the Muslims have gotten touchy and get offended now, heh heh.

I'm pretty well assimilated in this country, but 3 things will always bother me: 1) not being free to say "Merry Christmas" to everyone, 2) being called "Asian" and 3) calling football "soccer". :P

Center Ice doesn't show their WJC schedule in advance and I forgot to check it this morning, so I missed the underaged Czech boys today. :( :( :(

I had a very nice Christmas spent with my roommate and her family and friends. And and and she got me Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers DVDs which was only my favourite ever cartoon when I was a kid!!! I actually shrieked when I opened the box, hee!

There shall be band practice tonight!!! :D
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