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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I missed the underaged Czech boys :(

Hope everyone had a good time this weekend/holiday! I'm a little awkward about the whole Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays thing. In my country Christians are a minority but everyone celebrates Christmas in a non-religious way so it's totally appropriate to wish e.g. Muslims "Merry Christmas" and do the whole gift-giving thing. But who knows, in the past 10 years maybe the Muslims have gotten touchy and get offended now, heh heh.

I'm pretty well assimilated in this country, but 3 things will always bother me: 1) not being free to say "Merry Christmas" to everyone, 2) being called "Asian" and 3) calling football "soccer". :P

Center Ice doesn't show their WJC schedule in advance and I forgot to check it this morning, so I missed the underaged Czech boys today. :( :( :(

I had a very nice Christmas spent with my roommate and her family and friends. And and and she got me Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers DVDs which was only my favourite ever cartoon when I was a kid!!! I actually shrieked when I opened the box, hee!

There shall be band practice tonight!!! :D

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I totally celebrate Christmas in a non-religious way, so I understand. Actually my mom got touchy when I said that Christmas anymore is all about giving and Santa and all that and less about the Christian holiday. Ah, anyway.

Also, I call soccer "football."

It's funny because it's pretty well-known at this point that Jesus was born in the fall and Christmas was a pagan ritual that was adopted by Christianity. I don't know, I just think it's weird for anyone to be sensitive about Christmas. :P

The only thing better than jailbait is eastern European jailbait.

I'm especially sad because the Czech Republic is the country I've adopted for international competition in hockey. :(

what's this? center ice? wjc? what rock am i living under??

would you be so kind as to share that information??


Edited at 2007-12-26 09:48 pm (UTC)

Every year Center Ice broadcasts the WJC games!!! I think it's just the games that Canada and the US play, but that's still a lot of them. Apparently the games only show up on the Center Ice channel listings (on TV) on the morning of the game though, and I forgot to check before I left for work.

Merry Christmas!!! :D

i so need to pay attention to that, but most times in the morning i'm lucky to have my pants on before i walk out the door ...

someone said NHL Network has them? but i can't find a thing. i think i'm just kinda slow ...


Hmm, I still haven't seen the WJC games on Center Ice (granted I haven't been trying very hard), but I think there will be games on NHL Network on Jan 2, 3 and 4.

i've been looking and haven't seen anything yet ... but thanks for the NHL Network info!!

Centre Ice is so bad about telling us when they're airing cool stuff. :(

I'm Jewish by inheriting it (i.e. I don't practice, but I still identify 'cause it's hard to get out of your system), but I do Christmas in that way that I love presents and baking and decorating and the (non-religious) music and the whole intent of spirit of the season. But I say happy holidays rather than merry Christmas based off of the annoying need for some of the overly fanatical types to take "merry Christmas" as an indication of being Christian. Bah.

And football is totally football not soccer, and American "football" sucks. ;)

I know! It's not like they didn't know when the WJC games were going to be played. :(

People are WAY TOO SENSITIVE, hehe!

It was worse for me last year when one of my kids was playing and I couldn't keep track very easily, but still! TELL US! lol.

Yeah. I just like to piss people off. I rather enjoy pointing out the whole Jesus = not so much born in December thing when people get uppity with me about "the reason for the holiday." But I'm a bitch like that. ;)

Wait...so you don't consider yourself Asian? *confused*

I confuse myself with the football issue. Because calling soccer football makes more sense (hello, foot meets ball) but I'm used to using soccer, so I end up confusing the people I talk to and second guessing myself in the meantime.

"Asian" is too big and diverse of a grouping for it to have any useful meaning. Describing someone as Asian gives no indication of skin color, facial features, religion, culture, etc. I am Chinese. :)

Americans are so difficult. :P

Ah, okay. I guess I got confused because in my hometown, being Asian meant you were either Chinese or Korean. And it wasn't like being Vietnamese made you not Asian, but...we would say so-and-so was Vietnamese. Strangely.

See, if it's standardized in any way, I think that makes it okay. And most of the time, Americans mean East Asian when they say Asian. But then they can also use it to mean Southeast Asians. And Indians.

But I think mostly I don't like the implication that I should have any kind of kinship with Japanese and Korean people just because we look mostly alike. They are very different cultures. Like you don't see German and French people going all white pride together and stuff. :P

I don't really have anything new to add regarding Christmas. My grandmother buys a "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake every year, but for most of the rest of us it's about the food and presents and being together as a family and all that fun stuff. I can't bring myself to say "Happy Holidays" because it sounds lame to me. So Merry Christmas! :D

Happy Birthday Jesus! That's hilarious! And she buys them? So there's a market for this stuff? Even funnier!

Merry Christmas! :D

What's even crazier is that the practice is apparently common enough that a Jesus cake ORNAMENT exists. I only know this because all of the grandchildren were given an ornament this year. I should take a picture of it.

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