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Tell us which of your stories . . .

Fic meme from littlestclouds:

(1) you would show your mom if you didn't think she'd freak out.
Ravenous, because it's about her, ahahahahahahaha. *weeps*

(2) is most representative of you as a writer (however you choose to define that).
Edelweiss, because it's angsty and sappy and funny (I hope).

(3) is your best shot at "ventriloquizing" a voice or style that you don't normally use.
I try to write things that are easy. :P Pleasure Fiends was kind of different.

(4) contains characterization you're proudest of.
Hmm... I will say Jason Arnott in What Jason Wants because he's kind of an asshole, but still came off as somewhat sympathetic.

(5) has the cleverest premise (in your opinion) or contains the cleverest ideas.
I like the way Kissing Frogs turned out, although I was pretty happy with Eros too (and man, that one was harder to write).

(6) feels the most emotionally genuine to you (however you choose to define that).
Ravenous and the Freedom series, because they're about me. *chortles*

(7) you'd give to an editor as a writing sample (pretend that porn isn't an issue).
Uhh, I don't know. I don't try to be grammatically correct or printable, I try to be evocative. I don't have a creative writing background and I'm too lazy to spend the effort improving in those aspects for something that's a fun hobby for me, hehe. :) I'll go with Supernova.

(8) you would actually reread for pleasure.
I usually feel kind of uncomfortable and embarrassed re-reading my fic. :( But I guess it would be Tonight Doesn't Count (baseball fic! *BJ face*) because of the dreamy, happy tinged with sad mood.

(9) contains your best sex writing.
Horrifyingly, I think it might be Playing With Fire. Assuming (mercifully) it's not, then Cherry Almond, which was inspired (most inappropriately) by a then 14-year-old girl (early_afternoon) and is BDSM. Even though I didn't think so while writing it. *oblivious*

(10) you really want somebody to illustrate.
Oh oh oh, Cerulean Sky! Because Sweden in the endless summer and the ocean and grassy fields and little Swedish kids. *siiiiigh*

(11) has the best title.
The Ice Cream Assassin. Which is totally stolen, but that's fine for this meme, eh? *peers at Alex*

(12) you wish more people had read.
Hmm, Ciao Bella? I understand why people didn't, though. More people have read my fics than I would ever have expected, so I guess there isn't really an answer to this one. :)

(13) you're proudest of.
I should probably be proud of something I worked hard at, but I'll go with Supernova which I wrote in a daze while inspired at 3AM, and I'm proud of it because a really awesome writer said she started writing hockey fic because of it. *sniffle*
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