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What can brown do for you?

I feel hollow thinking about Haren, the Sharks lost (although I was not unhappy with how they played), so... the 49ers cheer me up a bit(?!!)

Alex Smith is broken, Dilfer is concussed, so the backup backup QB is in tonight and even before he ran for a TD (!!!), I might be a little in love. From here:
Shaun Hill no longer bothers trying to convince strangers that he really is an NFL quarterback.

"I tell people I'm a UPS driver," Hill said.
"I can still pull it off," Hill said of his UPS act. Spouting the company's catch phrase, he added, "What can brown do for you?"
Before last week, Hill had played just once. On Jan. 1, 2006, the Minnesota Vikings instructed him to twice take a knee during the closing seconds of their season finale against the Chicago Bears.

"I'll start by saying the two kneel-downs were perfect plays," Hill, 27, said, reliving his glory day.

I think Cody Pickett, the rodeo rider who had to step in as QB after making a tackle on special teams, is still my favourite backup backup QB though. :P
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