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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Not one of his smoother moments

As promised, Joe Thornton takes a hit from a goal post:

Also, Ryan "Way Up North" Getzlaf icon has been retired in favour of Joe Thornton with... you know. *ahem*

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Behold, his cat-like reflexes.

'Nobody saw that...'

I love when players get all sheepish. :)

It's not he's being nice setting up the net -- he just wants to make sure NO ONE SAW THAT. Oh Joe.

The favorite jeer at intramural hockey is: "Aaaand the blue-line strikes again!"

I suppose it was wanting to keep the play going because we had the puck in the offensive zone, but embarrassment makes for a much better story!

Never ruin a good story with the truth ;)

Your icon is scaring the bejesus out of me. :(

Also, that clip is awesome. That's the hockey version of the way I go through life.

It's pretty amazing. Possibly my favourite highlight of him ever!

Hahahahahaha. Ha. And ew. There's a joke about Joe's BJ face going way up north in there somewhere, but... but I'll leave it to someone else to make because I'm kind of crying.

*SHRIEKS* And that's after my mental defenses kicked in!

When was this? hahah it was such a HORRIBLE game that my dad and I gave up after early 3 period after you guys killed our rally.

It was in the middle of the second period. He was stealthy enough that he mostly eluded notice!

(Deleted comment)
In the one with the other Sharks on the bus? I was actually trying to get Kyle ruffling Rivet's hair, but ended up capturing Torrey's smirk as well, which I liked more than the ruffling. :)

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