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Sharks ween again?

Ooh and Nabby got a shutout! And our PK was functional! And most amazingly ... okay, prepare yourself for this ...

Sunny had a shot on goal!!!

Went to a party at a co-worker's place today. It was fun. We somehow ended up playing makeshift Pictionary. I was somehow able to guess antonym, J. Lo and halitosis. *shakes head* Had very yummy hot buttered rum! Made me feel very Christmassy. But more importantly, I got drunk without turning red! *gasp* Maybe that's the solution, go straight for the hard stuff.

Hey, did anyone notice ESPN announcers calling Cheech Chee-koh on Thursday's game vs the Pens?

Realized the Arkora smut I wrote last night is stupid. :( I'm gonna rewrite it I think. *sniffle* I hate it when I have to throw fic away. No, actually I don't. I'm just annoyed that I wrote something stupid. *giggle*

Mmm, and CS scored tonight on a very nice pass from Mats!!! :)

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