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Goodbye, Danny

I'm flying on Sunday, and I have some work to do before I go so I'm kind of frazzled right now.

There was band practice last night, so I didn't watch the Sharks game live. And then I checked the score because I figured I wouldn't really have time to watch that, but then I watched the women's college volleyball semifinal instead, and... I don't really know what I was thinking because I thought it would be a short game < 1.5 hours but it ended up going 5 and into OT (OT volleyball is really not as exciting as OT hockey) and and and Stanford pulled out the win coming from behind like 4 times to win it 16-14. So they're going to the Final! :D It's really embarrassing how nervous and excited I was watching that game.

I watched the Sharks game this morning and it was so weird seeing the Sharks finish their chances! And Patty showed emotion! :O But my highlight of the game was Joe Thornton skating into the post. And then putting it back on the supports sheepishly and skating away. It made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I'll have to upload that to YouTube.

So Haren got traded to the Diamondbacks for 50 people. I am so much sadder than makes any sense. I guess because he was the only person on the team who I liked individually was strangely obsessed with. Too many things to do right now to get too weepy, but... *sigh*
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