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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Happy birthday, pennyann! I hope you have lovely day. :D

I got a ton of free perfume samples from Sephora when I ordered some stuff from them, so I'm trying a different one every day!

Hard Candy
Pro: smells like candy
Con: smells like candy

Ferragamo Incanto Shine
Pro: sweet, floral, rich, full
Con: a bit light-headed from sniffing it too much

Clean Warm Cotton
Pro: really fresh and light, relaxing scent
Con: I smell like a laundromat

I bought really pretty gift wrap yesterday from my favourite little neighbourhood store (called Lola!) but I think I left it at the restaurant where I had dinner last night. Wah. I'm just going to buy another roll from them. Support the local businesses or something like that.

20% off stuff from the NHL store tonight from 7PM - midnight (EST)!

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"Clean warm cotton"--smells like laundromat? Sounds strange. I wonder if one can get the same effect by rubbing dryer sheets on oneself? :P

You probably could... except that I think you'd break out in a rash. :P

Pro: smells like candy
Con: smells like candy

I don't think that would be the scent for me. I would probably spray, like, my wrists. And then I would go into public, licking my wrists or gnawing at my wrists, and then people would think I was crazy. So in the interest of not trying to eat myself, I don't think I could use candy smelling spray!

On the other hand, I think smelling like a laundromat would be pretty awesome.

I happened to spray it only on my neck, thus making it impossible to lick myself! :D

It's quite nice! I had Chip and Alex sniff my wrists, and they concur that I do smell like a laundromat!

I would probably try and find a way to lick my neck. And then I would maybe be committed. Tragic. :(

P.S. I tried to e-mail you, so hopefully I had the right e-mail address?

I didn't get your email! Did you send it to my LJ address?

I sent it to your LJ address and then last night, I got a "delayed" e-mail in my inbox. I don't know what that means. :(

I did have a lovely day, thank you my dear. *hug*

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