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Cos' two can keep a secret if one of them is dead

Does anyone have good BitTorrent sites for downloading music? I usually use Mininova, but it didn't have The Pierces. (I really liked their song "Secret" that they played during Gossip Girl.)

Why doesn't Peter Petrelli just read Adam Monroe's mind?

Pushing Daisies is just getting better and better. It's such a quirky show that it's hard to describe. The plot sounds really heartbreaking, but the show isn't really sad at all, at worst, it's bittersweet. The show is sort of like what you'd get if Tim Burton made TV shows, but with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory colours, instead of Sleepy Hollow ones. The dialogue is really, really fun. Totally unrealistic, but in a smart and entertaining way. I'm currently smitten by the whole "gangsta love" thing:

Emerson: "'Ooh baby, you bleedin' that happen?' while they hidin' a razor in their weave".

I still don't fully get it, but I am smitten! I'm going to go around saying "that's gangsta love" all the time now! And before watching this show, I never would have thought that synchronized swimming would be able to move me to tears.

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