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The Wrath of Curtis Brown

So I went down to Stanford on Friday night to meet eggpuff for dinner and a volleyball game! We were laughing about how it only took like 15 years for us to attend our first athletic event at Stanford. We had breakfast for dinner at the Peninsula Creamery, then off to campus where there was no parking. Who knew women's volleyball was so popular?

I was really stunned by how much everything resembled a "real" sporting event. There were proper ticket windows with people sitting at computers and having tickets printed for you. And then turnstiles and people there to scan the bar code on your tickets. And merchandise stands that sold programs and concession stands! With popcorn and frozen lemonade and frozen malts! I had envisioned people with printed rolls of tickets and paying literally at the door.

While looking for parking (haha) - or maybe on the way out, I know it was while still driving around on campus - we talked about how life in college was kind of sucky and that it's gotten steadily better since then for us. :) And how we wished we'd known that all the things that seemed so important back then, like classes and large amounts of money owed to educational institutions were really not that important in the long run. I can't believe I'm saying it, but $130k is not that much money.

I'm not the kind of person who regrets things, because I think everything that happened played a part in leading to where I am now, but it would have been nice if I'd known back then that everything was going to turn out okay, and that I could just just enjoy life and be happy. :) Actually, it's not like I killed myself studying or anything, haha, I just played a lot of Quake, so it's more like I could have done that stuff without anxiety. :P

The UCLA/Oregon match went to 4 games, so we caught the end of that (UCLA won) and then the Cal Poly and Stanford players started warming up. Even in the warm up, you could see how powerful the Stanford outside hitters were. The game itself was somewhat of a bloodbath; it was a #1 vs #16 match up after all, hehe. Cal Poly did make it interesting at times, but Stanford just plays such a mistake-free game from passing to setting to accurate kills.

I failed to check what time the last train back to SF would be, and I missed it. Doh! But eggpuff was nice enough to let me crash at her place. She has a nice, shiny new Czech piano (from Bohemia! Home of Petr Sykora!).

I "followed" last night's regional final game online. It was UCLA vs Stanford and that game was a lot more competitive. The final score was 28-30, 30-28, 30-26, 30-27. UCLA actually had a 7-1 lead to start Game 4 and Stanford came back to win it! They'll be going to the Final Four in Sacramento next week to play USC, which is one of only 2 teams that they lost to all season. Cal and Penn State are the other 2 teams playing. Both games, and the final, will be on ESPN2 so I should be watching them. Or at least recording them.

I had a very strong feeling that the Sharks were going to lose last night (4 game winning streak, second day of back-to-backs after winning first day, Sabres had just been crushed by the Kings and their formidable ECHL goalie, Sharks at home), which was mostly okay except that I don't like that it was a home game that was lost, and I'm getting sick of those. :P But seriously, lose that badly and that almost seals the deal on whatever trade Doug Wilson has cooking. Punks.

Stopped watching when the score was 3-1 to play Karaoke Revolution (*belts* How do I get you alooooooone?) which ultimately turned out to be a good decision. I think the team needs to be put in a cage for a big deathmatch!

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