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Singing is all about faking

We had "band practice" last night, woo! I was planning to play the drums, but I chickened. I'm not ready to go in cold and play at medium difficulty. Instead I got my ass kicked playing lead on Wanted Dead or Alive at hard. Phew!

Things that make me love Nabby: Drew Remenda sat down this morning to talk to Nabby and asked him, "So what do you think?" And Nabby answered, "Phbbt, Thornton!" And that was the entirety of his answer.

Things that make me smile: Whore getting stoned repeatedly by Vesa, then asking him what he'd have to do to get one by him, and Vesa laughing in response. Then Whore smiling as he skates away.

Things that make me cry: Listening to a Sharks internet radio show (haha, yes, one exists) and two guys talking about loving hockey and loving the Sharks and thinking about how amazing hockey is--not just the NHL games, but how almost every hockey player was once a little kid whose parents sacrificed so much for them to play hockey, and how most people in the Bay Area barely know there's a hockey team here, but the ones who are Sharks fans are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable and dedicated to the team, and that when you're at a game, you can't ignore what's going on down there because something awesome could happen at any moment, and and... okay, I didn't cry, but I got tearful!

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