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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Payback for upstairs neighbours' early morning squeaky mattress sex?

My copy of Karaoke Revolution: American Idol edition arrived yesterday, thus starting me and my roomie's reign of terror over our neighbours, muahahahahahahaha!!!

Seriously, we were having too much fun with it. It's a good thing there's a built-in time limit to how long you can play that game before my throat gets sore so I have to stop. Anyway, I've been searching YouTube for the songs in the game so I can listen to how it's sung properly (before I butcher it) and... I found an acoustic version of Straight Up. Bonus points for tossing Opposites Attract in. Seriously, YouTube exists just to be a source of amazement and horror.

Why is You and Me a highest difficulty song?

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Obviously I need to visit and see this karaoke thing for myself, even though I don't really like karaoke. It's like badfic, it horrifies and yet intrigues me!

Yes, you will come over and we will sing 80s power ballads!!!

You do realize I was, like, 7 at the end of the 80's, right? And that I am allergic to 80's music that was not recorded by U2?

I don't even really remember those songs when they were popular, but they're the ones that have endured (for whatever reason) through the years. Hey, it's better than "burn, baby burn"! :P

Actually, you should come over for "band practice". That's even more fun cos' 4 people can play Rock Band at the same time.

Hey now! I happen to have a very soft spot in my heart for Byrnes baby Byrnes. :p

Heh, that's right up there with Mike Doughty's cover of "Real Love" by Mary J. Blige.

I think that's on the song list for the game. I fear listening to covers!

Covers can be awesome, though!

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