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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Groin Status

No shame whatsoever

Kara Yorio used to write for The Sporting News, and she'd make some appalling factual errors in her articles. She's been replaced--but the new guy still still makes pretty appalling mistakes. Did you know that Martin Gerber won 38 games for the Panthers in 05-06? :P That would be the name of Carolina's football team.

DREW: Perfect night to snuggle at home and watch the Sharks.
RANDY: I know that's what we'd be doing if we weren't here.
DREW: ... but not with each other.
RANDY: That's too much information for the viewers.

And just because I like using this icon, here's a Spezza interview that's almost entirely about Alfredsson's groin.

You heard it from the veteran himself: groins are tough.

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hahah you're like, my hockey pr0n video provider or something! It's always with the groin videos ;)

Sharing hockey pr0n is the entire reason I have a YouTube account!!! :D

How is it possible that I have no Randy+Drew icons? I am appalled. I will use this icon of Sam looking thoughtful and hot instead.

You can take any of these (and add text) if you want! But you don't have to! I'm still in an experimental phase with my image editor.

One of the best groin bloopers was when one of the Canucks tv commentator went down to talk to Pavel Bure before the commercial break. He came back with this gem: "I've just come from the dressing room, and I can tell you that Pavel's groin has never felt better" [vbeg]

PS. I may not have gotten it 100% exact but I'm sure it's in the high 90% range.

*dies* Did he have a big, smug grin on his face too??? Cos' that would have been perfect! :D

HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Drew, how I missed you.

"I'm glad I can refer to you again as my partner in a non-sexual way." Sometimes I think they love each other so much they don't know what to do with themselves.


They remind me of Chico and Doc, only they show the love they have for each other in a platonic, 'you're my best friend' way. It's cute, but definently not as adorable as Randy and Drew.

What, no discussion of each other in Speedos and calling each other a "hunk of burning love"?

No, just discussion about Chico's love of hot dogs, and his everlasting, undying love for Marty and all other goaltenders. :)

I'm telling you, it's constant. When you go to the game, you go stand by their booth and listen. I swear to goodness, it's all he talks about. It's funny to listen to, though, because he's so passionate about it.

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