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Who's the fugliest of them all?

The game last night was lots of fun! I got to see lastcatastrophe plus I got these awesome Sharks coloured socks with a nifty scale-like pattern hand-knitted by tersa! They are pretty and comfy and warm. <3

harleymae: Also, I'm watching the Sens game just because it's on and... as if Heatley isn't hideous enough I think he also seems to have a MASSIVE BALD SPOT. The guy is like... 25 or something!
fullycompletely: Yeah, it's been getting bigger.
harleymae: It's like he gets beaten repeatedly with an ugly stick every day
fullycompletely: I worry Reasoner is leaning that direction. :(
harleymae: Heatley's is HUGE though
fullycompletely: Well, at least he was always ugly, it's not sad like when a hot guy goes bald! I'll probably cry when it really kicks in with Moreau.
harleymae: Yeah, minimal impact on Heatley's looks. I think that when Malkin entered the league, Heatley was threatened that his reign as ugliest player might be coming to an end, so he stepped it up

I am watching a live webcast of Sacramento State vs Stanford women's college volleyball. Seriously.
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