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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Logan Tom and my bizarre thing for indoor volleyball, HOUSE

Okay, so the 49ers finally winning a game (fumble recovery for a touchdown in OT!!!) was pretty exciting, but I think the most exciting game I've watched recently is... Cal vs Stanford women's volleyball. *shamefaced* In my defense, the game did go to a Game 5 and "OT" (haha, the announcers actually call it that) and Stanford came from behind to win on a stuff block and win the conference championship.

They talked about Logan Tom and Ogonna Nnamani (both Stanford alums) playing in the World Championships and how Cynthia Barboza and Foluke Akinradewo (currently at Stanford) are going to be playing for the 2008 Olympics team and I got all excited and stuff. My interest in volleyball started during the 2004 Summer Olympics and I was really excited to find out that Logan Tom

*ahem* sorry, that Logan Tom was from Stanford, and then during the NHL lockout I started watching college volleyball and Stanford won the championship that year! They were the #6 seed, so they were sort of the underdog and it was all very exciting. :)

How awesome has House been this season??? I know it's essentially a procedural, but their innovation and risk that totally paid off (fire almost the entire main cast???) and perfect sense of pacing is just amazing. Comparable to Season 3 of Lost, which I really enjoyed. I was spoiled by TV Guide several weeks ago as to who would make the final cut, but I really appreciated the devious way House got to keep one extra person. And I love that he likes 13 because he never shows that he likes anybody. :P

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I didn't watch Tuesday's House! I'm going to have to steal that episode from my mom. :P

So good! I think you might be able to watch it online, too.

Did you see the volleyball game live? I've always wanted to go watch a Stanford volleyball live...

I was going to watch it live but forgot. They replay it a few times, though (edited down to 2 hours) so I recorded a 3 AM airing and didn't check the score.

That was actually the last game of the regular season at Stanford, but they're actually hosting a regional this year, and the final four games will be in Sacramento. Would you be interested in going to a regional or something? Assuming tickets are still available, I haven't looked at the schedule.

Wah, Sacramento is a little far. I'd be interested if we make a foodie trip out of it, given the time and effort. :D

Oh, oops, I didn't make it clear that Stanford will be hosting playoff games before it goes to Sacramento (which Stanford won't necessarily make it to), so I actually mostly meant games at Stanford. :)

Oh hee hee, even better! Yes, I'd definitely be interested. :)

So I just looked it up and it's $14 (comes to $20 after fees) for all 3 games of the first session, which is Friday 12/7 7 PM and 9 PM and Saturday 12/8 8:30 PM. I think the seeding is not set yet so I don't know which game Stanford is playing but I want to go to that one, and actually wouldn't mind seeing all 3, but up to you. Link here.

Friday at 9 is my first choice; we can grab dinner beforehand too if you have time. :) When does the seeding come out?

Hmm, actually it looks like Stanford's playing tonight at 7:30 PM but I can't go cos' I'm going to a Sharks game. Looks like they would have to win both tonight and tomorrow night, then we'd know if/when they play next week. Looks like there could be tickets for tomorrow night's game at the door. I will have to read more carefully. Who knew that post-season volleyball would be so byzantine?

LOL. Well, I can't do tomorrow night, but Dec. 8 looks ok for me. Will you keep me posted? So complicated...

So Stanford plays Friday at 9! Let's go to that one? I think we should be able to get tickets at the door.

So where do you want to go for dinner tomorrow night? Should we eat somewhere in Palo Alto? You pick!

Wow, I haven't been to Paly in a while, actually. Hmm... what to eat? I dunno! Any preferences?

I'm game for anything except Mexican or Korean food! :D

How about Italian? Have you ever tried Osteria on Hamilton Ave.? It's not bad... or we can go to Peninsula Creamery for burgers and shakes *yum*.

Ooh, I think I went there once but that was over 10 years ago! Peninsula Creamery makes me happy, too. Mmm.

We can decide tomorrow! Shall I pick you up from Caltrain? What time?

Trains arrive at Palo Alto at 6:12, 6:49 and 7:12 and I can make any of those. I can easily walk to either of those restaurants, so up to you! :) Also, wow, didn't know that Stanford was the #1 overall seed. Last game I watched, they were #4 in the country.

How about the 6:49? I'll come pick you up. :D

Yay, sounds good! I'm going to wear my Stanford hoodie, hahaha.

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