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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Harry Potter umm... toys

I ordered some Buffy comics (yay!) from Amazon, and they put in some targeted spam for various Harry Potter collectibles and one of them is a "Wand Collection With Illuminating Tip".


If that's not dubious enough, they tell you that they require batteries (not included) and that "wands measure 14 inches in length". Except for Hermione's. Hers is BIGGER at 15 inches. I looked at the picture of it and umm, her wand is uhh... RIBBED.

Haven't they learned from the vibrating broomstick thing?

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Hermione's is *bigger*!!! Oh I love that! XD

I wonder if Harry feels inferior. :P

oh gods.. you know I read a fic where ginny got her want stuck in her vagina.

Sorry that was the first thing I thought of!

It's strange to think that literally everything you could possibly think of? there's a Harry Potter fic about it.

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