The Invincible M.A.E. (harleymae) wrote,
The Invincible M.A.E.

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Sharks ween!

*weeps with joy* Oh god, that was an awesome game to watch! My throat is sore from shrieking. Met tersa and co. during the second intermission - it was great talking to you! :)

Ahh! Why are penalties called everytime Mario gets a hangnail? I like McGillis. Gravey rocks! He hits! He scores! Sexy bitch filled his sexiness quota tonight - sweet move! Eee! Lesbian scored twice! Must not find lesbian sexy, must not ... goddamnit!

Mush!!! I'm so proud of you! *weeps*

Thorty!!! Awesome as usual. *sighs happily* Sunny, I love you and you have other talents, but you couldn't score with Jason Arnott if you were both stupid drunk.

I saw Andy! I was thinking of you, Nat!

Eep, there is ficcage to read but I think it's time for sleep. CS writing will have to wait for this weekend.
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