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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Sharks ween!

*weeps with joy* Oh god, that was an awesome game to watch! My throat is sore from shrieking. Met tersa and co. during the second intermission - it was great talking to you! :)

Ahh! Why are penalties called everytime Mario gets a hangnail? I like McGillis. Gravey rocks! He hits! He scores! Sexy bitch filled his sexiness quota tonight - sweet move! Eee! Lesbian scored twice! Must not find lesbian sexy, must not ... goddamnit!

Mush!!! I'm so proud of you! *weeps*

Thorty!!! Awesome as usual. *sighs happily* Sunny, I love you and you have other talents, but you couldn't score with Jason Arnott if you were both stupid drunk.

I saw Andy! I was thinking of you, Nat!

Eep, there is ficcage to read but I think it's time for sleep. CS writing will have to wait for this weekend.

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Jason never gets stupid drunk. Sunny does though.

*cries* Why am I up studying at 3? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

That's just what Jason think, eh?

And it's all over!!! *hugs*

Lol, Jason doesn't think. When he tries to think he gets really really confused. And then frustrated b/c he's confused. And then he'll go break something or get drunk.

And which point it won't matter b/c he'll get nekid and have sex with random strangers, sig. o, or your choice of hockey boy.

*dies* I guess it's lucky he has Petr to think for him then :P

Yay! I'm so glad you like Gilly! I told you... I'm passing on to you the responsibility of taking care of him. You'll love him. You really will. He's just a big teddy bear with self-esteem issues.

Okay I will. And take care of Rags, too! And ... self-esteem issues?

I think fans of teams playing the Penguins need to put up big signs against the glass everytime there's a break in the action reminding their team that IT IS OK TO CHECK LEMIEUX. Of course, since you get called on a double minor for a clean check, apparently it's not ok to the league, but GEEZ. A friend of mine pointed out last night that if he were to play hockey and noone every got in his way, HE'D have a 30 point season too!


LOL true enough. Hmm and then there was that interference call on Nolan which I didn't see. Was that a "ahh, someone touched me, I'm going down" situation?

LOL stupid drunk *gg* Nice image though :D

yay sharkies

*dies* No kidding! But Scott would get jealous and kick Jason's ass. Or maybe he would join in. *dies again*

OHHH join in!!! Ex Oiler orgy with a chewy swedish center!!! YUMMY! *thuds*

OMFG Frala!!! *literally drooling*

I want a chewy Swedish center! *cries*

*grin* dude that is soo freaking yummy of an image

*cries* me too!!!

Ahhh! No! /)_(\ Don't feed the thornstrom/arkora bunnies! They BITE!


Re: menage a...quatre?

*grin* And then Petr would show up and be like "*blink* *blink* What's going on?" and Jason would tell him to shut up and pull him in. :)

*ahem* Speaking of Arkora ... *goes back to smut lite*

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