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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Evgeni Nabokov

Way to mar history, chumps

Aww, Nabby is 2nd star of the week. Thanks, Phoenix!

I finally got around to watching the Stars game when Modano tied, then broke the points record. I got a little weepy when he got the standing ovation because Modano looked a little weepy. :P They played a little feature on Modano's career, and they showed him breaking the goal record as the boos rained down on him. How heartbreaking. At the time I was just really disgusted by yet another display of chumpery from the Nashville fans, but now I just feel sad.

Had an early Thanksgiving feast last night! Chip and Jenny made turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, andouille sausage stuffing, sweet potatoes & chard, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts with prosciutto, fresh baked dinner rolls, and pumpkin cheesecake with bourbon pecan sauce for dessert. Everything was so good, especially the stuffing and brussel sprouts. *sigh* I'm still full this morning, hee!

A couple of articles, mostly for tersa:

Sharks' Sandis Ozolinsh has more bite this time
"Now, I'm seriously enjoying the game," he says. "This is the most fun I've had both on the ice and off of it." Also, he "may have bought (himself) a cheesecake" after getting signed by the Sharks.

Roenick returns with new attitude

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Why, oh why has Sandis Ozolinsh made me so happy since he returned to the Sharks? *sigh* I wasn't even paying attention when he was with the team the first time!

As I said the night of the record, I was so impressed with the fans in San Jose. But then, their fans actually understand hockey and it's history. The tards in Nashville don't. And what made it even worse, was the fact that Waddell is a big wig for USA Hockey.

Wait, what does Waddell have to do with it? Isn't he with the Thrashers organization?

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