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Yay, Sharks icons!

Having finally found a reasonable approximation for an exclusion layer in GIMP, I updated some of my existing Sharks icons and made new ones following various tutorials, and using screenshots from games and episodes of Shark Byte that I haven't yet burned to DVD.

These are from last season's Christmas episode of Shark Byte. The Goc one is my favourite of all the icons I made yesterday. :)

Bernie before a game last season. I couldn't find any good pictures of him from this season. The Milan picture is from some Czech website. Stylin'!

I like Cheech's vaguely murderous look here. In the process of searching for good shots of Clowe, I found out that the man pretty much doesn't smile, even when it seems like he is. Pensive/sad face is more suitable anyway, I guess, given that he's out for a few months. :(

Couldn't find a good shot of Rivet either. This is from his 20 questions interview. They had fairly bad lighting that left his mouth in shadow, so I cropped that out. (Don't like his mouth anyway. :P) Vlasic on the bus, contemplating world domination.

Both of these are different colouring using the same images the previous icons were made from.

I took this screenshot because I wanted to get Kyle messing with Rivet's hair, but I noticed after I was done that Torrey Mitchell looks like he's smirking, which I really like! :P

Rivet has caused our defensemen to become very cuddly, especially Kyle. It's kind of upsetting. :( In addition to this little hair fondling incident in the icon above, Kyle also sat in Rivet's lap on the plane, and there was further cuddling during practice, too. Practice!

My roommate and I spent an exciting night scrubbing the kitchen floor. Then we went to celebrate at a new Italian restaurant near our place. We're living la vida loca! (They did have this really amazing dessert of profiteroles filled with hazelnut gelato, that was incredibly good.)

[Edit: They were playing Planet Earth on TV at the restaurant last night, which I found a really hilarious choice considering that about half of that series consists of animals hunting and killing other animals. I enjoy watching it and it doesn't bother me, but I can see other customers possibly being upset by watching great whites eat seals and a pack of lions chewing on a zebra carcass at dinner. :P]

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