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Devin was so worth the wait

Is it my imagination or did your breasts grow bigger? is possibly the most bracing thing anybody's asked me in a while.

I was out last night during the Sharks game and listening to it on the radio a little bit. The last thing I heard was that the game was going to shootout and turned it off. :P When I got back, I skipped to the end of the game and was vaguely bewildered to see the Sharks come off the bench onto the ice, as if they had won the game. Then after rewinding the game, I discovered that the Sharks had won the game!!! My level of surprise and disbelief was possibly comparable to how I felt when I found out that Stanford did in fact upset USC. :P

(Stars = best SO team in the league, Sharks = worst SO team in the league)

Also, at some point Patty Marleau made me cry (AGAIN). I think it was his weak fist pump (a show of great emotion for him!) after scoring in the shootout that pushed me over the edge.

[Edit: Drew and Randy noted the applause in response to the video clip of JR getting #500 and commented on how it was kind of weird that the Stars and Sharks are rivals, but the fans are very nice about the accomplishments of players on the other team (referring to Sharks fans giving Modano an ovation for breaking the points record).

I think historically both Sharks and Stars fans have been pretty good about appreciating other teams' accomplishments. Sharks fans cheered for Robitaille in his last game (despite being shut out 4-0) and Stars fans cheered for umm... I can't remember which milestone it was, but I do remember them cheering after losing in 5th OT of Game 1 of the Ducks/Stars series in 2003.]

Pushing Daisies is my favourite new show of the season. *in love*

I just listened to the radio interview with Drew in August, just after the Sharks announced that he was coming back, and Randy called in and ended his call saying, "It's nice to be able to refer to Drew again as my partner in a non-sexual way."

[Edit #2: Lira!!! OMG, so Andris Biedrins has a blog and he's a big Sharks fan now because of Ozolinsh and he went to a couple of games and was there to see him score and for JR's 500th goal and stuff and he is so funny.]

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