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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Mike York, Peter Mueller videos

Saw fullycompletely on AIM and was reminded of how weirded out I felt hearing Mike York's name during the two Yotes/Sharks games. Then I went to look at their site to see if they had any interviews with him because it seems mandatory now for all teams to put stalking videos on their websites, and they did! His voice is super cracky and he keeps chuckling and stuff and CIA agent!!!

*ahem* Anyway, I know some of you like him; there's also an interview with Peter Mueller.

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I'll have to watch those when I get home. Darn firewall! *chucks a rock at it*

Little brother Peter!

There's probably other videos of him too on the site. I love how invasive the NHL has been this season! :D

Oh there are...he's so cute. The one I love the best is when they're helping sell tickets at the beginning of the season. He's such a dork and I miss him.

Maybe you can help me.. I have been having the hardest time with the nhl video stuff. I did everything they told me to do and it still doesnt work. I can hear the video, but I can't see it. You probably can't help, but still. ;)

Strange. You using a PC? Can you watch YouTube videos? I guess I would try adjust the hardware acceleration for your video card. Control Panel -> Display (or just right-click on desktop -> Properties) Settings tab, click Advanced Button, Troubleshoot tab, then adjust the slider from Full to None, click OK, quit your browser, start it up and try again.

Or google for the problem. :P

I can see youtube just fine. And it's still not working! The stupid website just said "well use IE instead" and it STILL didn't work lol.

My boy hates cameras. It cracks me up how much they put him in front of them these days. *pets his head*

You want to know how smart both of us are?

So, I turned off my popup blocker and now it works! Apparently I had installed the flash blocker thingy firefox has and it blocked it lol

...so you had enabled it for YouTube?

I don't know? I guess so? I just know I turned it off and now it works.

You can probably enable it on a per-site basis. YouTube uses a Flash player, which is why I asked about it.

Yeah, I figured I could and my guess is I accidentally blocked something on hat site and it threw it all off. But it just made me laugh because it was the easiest thing, but no one mentioned it.

The Flash blocker is an extension that you have to install. Nobody is going to assume that you have it, or that if you did, you wouldn't have immediately turned it off given that the NHL video player plays Flash videos. :P

Well, I know that I was just talking more about myself lol I just didnt even think about it because 1)I forgot I had it and 2) it JUST started blocking it. It worked before so yeah, haha i'm smart ;)

Your layout has me confused. Plus the Mueller interview and now I think you're a Yotes fan. It's probably confusing having played them 3 times in a row.

Haha, totally coincidental.

We only played them 2 times in a row cos' the Stars are in between. They're playing us 3 times in a row, though.

I feel proud that I made you at least moderately like him.

You know, the look of constant mild annoyance seems to have gone away in Phoenix somewhat.

Considering he's being payed a million dollars to live in Phoenix and play average hockey for a team where no one will care, I'm thinking he doesn't have much to be annoyed about these days.

They put him on the point on the PP last night. He got to take a one-timer from the top of the circle, but sort of shanked the shot. Didn't really notice him do much else, but given that they lost 6-0, that kind of applies to the team as a whole.

Aw. He used to play the point for us occasionally, but yeah. Doesn't really have the shot for it.

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