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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Sharkie Goodness

Watching Penguins/Sharks tonight! In the semi-nosebleed section, but still! Live hockey! *giddy*

Chip and I are still recovering from watching The Ring. Last night he turned the deck lights on, and I used the laptop in our room instead of going down the hallway to our computer room. (Yes, we have a room that is basically for nothing but holding our rooms and some technical books and RPG books - Geek Central)

Oh I'm in such a weepy mood today, and I haven't even read Long Journey Home. Theo article made me all sniffly, and then I read frala's summer vacation fic and started crying. *sigh* Such goodness.

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It's okay, we have a computer room, too. It used to hold our computer-y stuff and a few books shelves, which were mostly filled with sci-fi. Totally winning the geek award. It's slightly less geeky now because we keep the electric guitar and bass here. (Okay, it's just geeky in a different way. :P)

Ahh, geekiness. :) Almost as enjoyable as insanity!

YAY live hockey!!!

go sharkies!!

Im afraid of the ring ::is a big baby::

LOVED teh Theo article *sniffles* and thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the fic :)

Oh it was so much fun!!!

And Chip had trouble sleeping last night again, LOL!

It was a great fic, and ooh! Part 2 is posted! :)

Awesome!! *grin* I;m so glad!!

awww poor guy can't say that I blame him though :)


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