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The Invincible M.A.E.

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You have to give a guy a little blow once in a while

Can you really say "you have to give a guy a little blow once in a while" on network television? Why yes you can, if you're John Madden! (Football, not Devil.)

You people who had Center Ice last season (or was it the season before that?), remember the totally porntastic music they would play??? If you want a reminder, or for those who haven't heard it before:

Anyway, they used that music for the trailer to this week's episode of Chuck and I totally spazzed. Because I never thought I would ever hear that music again. It's strangely appropriate given that Chuck = Joffrey Lupul.

The Post-Gazette Pens blog linked to a clip I uploaded of the HNIC intro the Pens/Leafs game.

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Oh man, hockey porn music. Fantastic, I love it.

And that's a great, great intro. It was blacked out for me, because I get the local broadcast. Awww, I love my boys.

Someone needs to make a clip of porny hockey moments and set it to that music.

I'm always slightly annoyed when the Sharks are on HNIC and it's blacked out cos' then I don't get to see After Hours. :( At least this season it's all available online!

That really is porntastic. :P

I think I just about died laughing the first time I heard it! :)

Oh man! I wish they were using that again this year!!! That is great! Hockey pr0n!

I know! It was just so... appropriate. ;)

Wow, back in the olden days, tvs were fat.

And had dials for changing channels!

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