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"There's a fine line between creepy and sexy, and we walk it"

Happy belated birthday, crankygeek!!! Hope you had a great day. :D

So, I think these have been up for a while, but they put all the player profiles from last season up on NHL TV (under NHL Insider -> Player Profiles) and I went to watch some of the interesting ones I'd missed.

Jonathan Cheechoo, Dustin Penner, Vincent Lecavalier, Jason Spezza and lots more! There's something for everyone I think. :)

My absolute favourite thing is Dustin Penner saying, "There's a fine line between creepy and sexy, and we walk it." Well said, well said! Spezza eating beaver tails was kind of a mindfuck, though. All those refined carbs!!!

I also uploaded the Scott Gomez segment from Tuesday's Versus game.

Mainly for x_jerseygirl, but some of you might be interested too. :)
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