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The Invincible M.A.E.

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"There's a fine line between creepy and sexy, and we walk it"

Happy belated birthday, crankygeek!!! Hope you had a great day. :D

So, I think these have been up for a while, but they put all the player profiles from last season up on NHL TV (under NHL Insider -> Player Profiles) and I went to watch some of the interesting ones I'd missed.

Jonathan Cheechoo, Dustin Penner, Vincent Lecavalier, Jason Spezza and lots more! There's something for everyone I think. :)

My absolute favourite thing is Dustin Penner saying, "There's a fine line between creepy and sexy, and we walk it." Well said, well said! Spezza eating beaver tails was kind of a mindfuck, though. All those refined carbs!!!

I also uploaded the Scott Gomez segment from Tuesday's Versus game.

Mainly for x_jerseygirl, but some of you might be interested too. :)

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Yeah, I like that profile of Spezza, but him eating beaver tails is TOO WEIRD. Awesome, but weird. Mindfuck indeed.

He's all giggly and stealthy about it too! I wonder if Vermette broke him. :P

I found a goodie for you. :) It's not his crotch, but I figured the tongue would be good too. ;9

*squeaks* Oh those crazy Czechs and their tongues!!! Thanks. :) He'ls looking good. I'm suspicious about his eyebrows, though. He did used to play with Brendan Morrison. Perhaps he shared tips on waxing???

Hmmm...is it in the Devil handbook with the note about the coat and tie for roster pictures? :) I'm not sure how long they've been doing that, but I'd love to find one of Petr, Whore and Mo too. lol

*sigh* Apparently there exists a picture of Mo sitting between Petr and Whore looking uncomfortable! I've never seen it, though. So funny how Mo keeps ending up between OTPs. :P

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