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Boo to fake city porn

I'm feeling pretty fucking awesome right now! :D I hit the gym this morning and did an hour on the elliptical trainer, watching Side Order of Life (shush) and Bones on my Zen, which totally kept me going, then I went to Trader Joe's to buy food for the week and made a chicken salad sandwich with arugula for lunch that was so good and now I feel all energized and glowy and stuff. Plus, my hair is actually glowing!

I love K-Ville but I have the feeling it's going to be cancelled. Oh well, enjoy the New Orleans city porn while it lasts. Got an urgent craving for beignets when they mentioned Cafe du Monde in Jackson Square. *sighs* Love Burn Notice to death. I hope it gets renewed for next season. Love The Closer. Do not love Monk. How dare they take away my SF city porn? That's not Montgomery Street, and that is certainly not the Caltrain station. The Caltrain station is not huge and beautiful, it's a tiny little like... bus depot with a Subway and restrooms. I guess at least Journeyman is still a source of SF city porn, and man, vintage city porn too! They went to the effort of finding an operational old Muni bus from the 80s or 90s for a scene. I really appreciate that. :)

And since I've already shared this with robi0688, has anyone who watches Chuck been reminded of Joffrey Lupul too??? :D

I spazz every time there's a hockey reference in TV shows. Like when Jason Priestley on Side Order of Life was given his old college hockey jersey by a friend, and then she talked about applying for a job at "Hollweg and Ortmeyer". And the framed photo of a top-down view of a goal net and crease in Booth's office on Bones. And Vaughn teaching Sydney how to skate on Alias. And of course Leary on Rescue Me with the PD vs FD games. The best part is that all of those guys really do love and play hockey. It's like seeing a fellow cult member. :P

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