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Hockey isn't back until Petr adjusts himself

Okay, so I think I'm finally in the hockey mood, maybe it's HNIC and that weepy intro thingie, maybe it's Petr's INSANE GAME, but this trumps it all because STANFORD UPSET MOTHERFUCKING USC AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I almost choked to death on nothing when I heard that on TV. At first I thought it was just like, hypothetical or something. Like "yeah, that would be the biggest upset in college football history... if it happened!" or something like that. But no. Converted on a 4th and 20. TD on a 4th and goal for the win. WTF?! (This is not totally random spazzing, BTW, I went to Stanford. :P)

*ahem* Anyway, enough of that. Hockey, hockey, hockey! Apparently Vesa played really well tonight so I was happy about that. :) But I think I know what's been missing so far from me, the reason why I haven't been able to really feel like the season started. For until today, I had not yet seen Petr Sykora adjust his crotch!!!

The boy had an amazing game today. 2 goals and an assist, and went down onto his side to block a shot!!! He had some jump and speed too, seemed to be playing really inspired. Made a sweet pass to Malkin on Malkin's goal. I really like the chemistry between the two of them. strangely enough, moreso than when he and Crosby play together. He was #1 star and named the player of the game by the Pens broadcast. :D

But most importantly, I think that he totally grabbed himself when they interviewed him during the first intermission! *cries tears of pride and love*

Also, at the start of HNIC today they had a bunch of players talking about their childhood memories of watching HNIC and stuff and it made me weepy. I uploaded the clip. Hey, if anyone can identify the two old-timers who talk before Gretzky, please let me know who they are. :P

Also, WTF how can After Hours be wasted on Keenan? :( Don't they know that After Hours is supposed to be for asking overly personal questions to hot hockey players and making them say gay things? :(

[Edit: Aww, Claire and Peter Petrelli from Heroes were at the Kings game together. :)]
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