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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Hockey isn't back until Petr adjusts himself

Okay, so I think I'm finally in the hockey mood, maybe it's HNIC and that weepy intro thingie, maybe it's Petr's INSANE GAME, but this trumps it all because STANFORD UPSET MOTHERFUCKING USC AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I almost choked to death on nothing when I heard that on TV. At first I thought it was just like, hypothetical or something. Like "yeah, that would be the biggest upset in college football history... if it happened!" or something like that. But no. Converted on a 4th and 20. TD on a 4th and goal for the win. WTF?! (This is not totally random spazzing, BTW, I went to Stanford. :P)

*ahem* Anyway, enough of that. Hockey, hockey, hockey! Apparently Vesa played really well tonight so I was happy about that. :) But I think I know what's been missing so far from me, the reason why I haven't been able to really feel like the season started. For until today, I had not yet seen Petr Sykora adjust his crotch!!!

The boy had an amazing game today. 2 goals and an assist, and went down onto his side to block a shot!!! He had some jump and speed too, seemed to be playing really inspired. Made a sweet pass to Malkin on Malkin's goal. I really like the chemistry between the two of them. strangely enough, moreso than when he and Crosby play together. He was #1 star and named the player of the game by the Pens broadcast. :D

But most importantly, I think that he totally grabbed himself when they interviewed him during the first intermission! *cries tears of pride and love*

Also, at the start of HNIC today they had a bunch of players talking about their childhood memories of watching HNIC and stuff and it made me weepy. I uploaded the clip. Hey, if anyone can identify the two old-timers who talk before Gretzky, please let me know who they are. :P

Also, WTF how can After Hours be wasted on Keenan? :( Don't they know that After Hours is supposed to be for asking overly personal questions to hot hockey players and making them say gay things? :(

[Edit: Aww, Claire and Peter Petrelli from Heroes were at the Kings game together. :)]

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Don't they know that After Hours is supposed to be for asking overly personal questions to hot hockey players and making them say gay things?

I KNOW. That's the sole purpose of the programme! For us to have eye-candy and for them to be embarrassed with lame questions.

YES!!! And to show embarrassing footage/pictures of them when they were babies. And dig up any other relevant dirt on them. *sigh*

How can they have Satan with the angels that are Scott and Kelly!!!!??? Blasphemy, I tells ya!

Petr played so so well tonight. :) I think he and Geno are going to be a good pair together.

And the two older men are first Dick Irvin who is a long time CBC announcer, and the other one is, I believe, Ken Dryden.

Did you see the little clip where he was laughing and joking with the media? I was horrified! He should be... talking about Czechoslovakia or something.

I love the little Magnitogorsk connection thing they have going. I bet Gonchar is part of that little gang too!

Thank you! Added them to the video info. :)

I did see it...it was great.

What made me giggle even more, is about Max Talbot being Geno's roommate and that Geno might be keeping a toothbrush at Gonchar's house since Max and Geno might be spending time together at home too. *snicker*

Anytime! :)

I mean that MAX might be keeping a toothbrush there....Geno already LIVES there. *headdesk*

Haha, yeah, I heard that part but I think my mental defenses went up and prevented me from thinking about it, because as much as I love Malkin as a player, I really don't want to think about him touching anyone!!!

I just texted my friends that they should have gone to the Coliseum instead of the Rose Bowl tonight. :)

One of the old hags that went before Gretzky was Tucker. :P ... That actually made me weepy too... AND I DON'T EVEN WATCH HNIC OR HAVE CHILDHOOD MEMORIES OF IT. HA.

I seriously did choke or make some loud heaving sound or something when they mentioned the upset. Roz came out to make sure I was okay, hahaha.

Dude. It's because it's it's it's... hockey! And there's so much love and it's so emotional and... *CRIES*

I really can't wait to see Mike bawl when he passes Housley.

OH GOOD GOD! You KNOW it's gonna happen! Although, not by getting benched, like he did tonight.

Sorry, what's going to happen? Who got benched? *looks clueless and embarrassed*

Ooo what's the link? I need to show that to someone else! *nods*!

let's try that again

I still can't get yours to play, but CBC has the intro online as part of their complete Leafs game (they had some sort of glitch on the Sens/Rangers game, so they only had the end of it). Yay! That totally made me weepy. :) I want to slap the people who hope the soulless bastards at CTV will have the rights to HNIC one day.

And! They have the full pre-game show online too, so Spezzette! YAY! I'm kinda madly in love with CBC right now, sniff.

[Claire and Peter! I can't decide if it's cute or creepy that they may or may not be dating irl. Or it may all be a publicity stunt. I AM SO CONFLICTED! Um, anyway, aww to them going to hockey games! :)]

Re: let's try that again

YouTube discrimination! I'm glad you got to see it and especially the Spezzette!!! Wasn't it awesome when Vermette popped his head in? Hee! CBC doesn't seem to allow viewers outside Canada to watch their clips anymore. I'll have to do the Canadian proxy thing again.

It's... it should be creepy, but it kind of isn't to me? They always seemed to have chemistry in their scenes together. I think Supernatural has made the whole TV incest thing trendy!

Re: let's try that again

It was so cute! Aww, I missed them. <333

Yeah, a proxy would be worth it, especially if you miss anything because they have such thorough online coverage now. Hurrah.

Haha, Supernatural has definitely scored one for TV incest. :P And yeah, I shipped Peter and Claire before I knew they were related, because they have really good chemistry. It's just the rl age difference (she's 18, he's 30) that makes it a bit ooky to me, and the fact that he was supposedly seen shoving Alexis Bledel around while they were dating. :/ I'm just trying to pretend I don't know those things!

Re: let's try that again

Sadly, the thing that I enjoy the most is Satellite Hotstove because, goddamn, people talking about hockey seriously on a level that assumes viewers know what icing is! It's very novel. :P

Oh wow, didn't realise that he was that old, although of course given that only 25+ guys play high school kids on WB shows... ;) Man, Rory's TV bfs have gone on to good things, eh?

Hee, Souray singing the theme amused me.

Randomly, Mikey Rider is a skinny fuck. Huh.

I had to google pictures of Souray to confirm that it was him. I think the years in Montreal made him silly.

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