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Hockey, baseball, TV

Still in a weird state regarding hockey. The game against the Oilers, and to some extent the game vs the Canucks still had a pre-season feel to it. Adjustment time? I blame it on other sports and fall television. Or maybe the new jerseys. Haven't watched the first period of last night's game yet, thus I am still puzzled by JR. i got kind of weepy hearing Drew go on a rant defending Patty's captaincy, pointing out that the Sharks have .640 winning percentage since Patty became captain. *sniffles* Looking forward to HNIC tonight! :D

Watched the final A's game of the season that I'd recorded. Stupid credits at the end with the season highlights made me all weepy. Cheech "threw" out the first pitch using a hockey stick, then hung out in the booth for the third inning. There were interviews with Haren (his baby is due in December!) and Street (getting married in January, dog in October, expressed doubts about getting the dog before getting married... like he's worried they'll change their minds in the 3 months. :P) and Travis Buck. Uploaded to sweetcirce YouTube account. I'd link, but MLB are mofos and will get the account suspended, blah blah, so please don't post links to any clips there.

Watched Cane. I like that the characters speak Spanish a lot and that the lead character ordered a hit on someone at the end of the episode. Oh, who am I kidding? His son is hot thus I will keep watching. ;) Really liked Bionic Woman, especially the fight scene between the two bionic women at the end. And I really loved the bit where she was having sex and he touches her bionic arm and she says "that isn't even me".
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