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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Cheese Sandwich, Mikael Renberg

I'm such a wuss

Watched The Ring last night with Chip. It was so creepy! I'm not sure what was so scary about it, but I guess it just kind of got inside my head.

The thing is, just before the movie in the restroom a bunch of girls were talking about how it wasn't scary at all and it was just stupid and didn't make sense and were talking about how The Sixth Sense and The Others were scary. Uhh, no. Those movies were suspenseful, not scary.

I dunno, there was just something about the movie that appealed to me. I can understand the arguments for it being stupid, but I completely overlooked that stuff and concentrated on the Lovecraftian aspects (why is it that backwardness is so menacing?) and mood and atmosphere and stuff. It's scary in the same way Hellraiser and Event Horizon are for me.

Unfortunately, it was so scary I couldn't sleep for a long time and kept waking up and stuff. I tried to clear my mind by watching some hockey and then having smutty Arkora thoughts (Shoo, bunny, shoo!) but it only partially worked. Chip couldn't sleep either and I asked him why he was still up and he answered, "I'm frightened." So cute!

*squeal* Found out that there's a Marco Sturm chat on espn.com today at noon PST! Submitted a question - dunno if it will be asked. I hope he gives some slashy answers. I'll write fic in his honor if he does. *grin*

Speaking of which, I didn't get any CS writing done last night. :( This is gonna be a painful part to write. Although I have an idea to make it less painful. But it might be hokey. Oh, injured!CS ... *wails*