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Game 1 tonight!

Watched a couple more TV pilots and I liked them enough to keep watching. I'm pretty easy, though. :P

Dirty Sexy Money: My favourite part of this show is that the same actor who played Ava's son in Nip/Tuck is here too as yet another messed up kid! But more "traditionally" messed up--always on some kind of drug, screw up, getting arrested, etc. I loved his character on Nip/Tuck. At any given moment, would not have been inappropriate for him to start having sex with anyone. That's presence! Also, a few awkward moments, in the Igby Goes Down style. Lira, you should have watched until the end! I think you missed the tranny mistress!!! :(

Hot Shots: Coincidentally, this show also had a tranny. I only watched this because Michael Vartan (Vaughn from Alias) is in it and he's hot and plays hockey (see, I'm easy). I had fairly low expectations and was pleasantly surprised by its entertainment values. Some scenes played out like chats I've read from fake!world where a bunch of girls sit around and pretend to talk like guys, only guys don't really sit around talking about themselves being guys. The most manly person in the show is Michael Vartan's black female colleague, who is more of a bro to him than his actual guy friends. And did I mention tranny hooker? SO straight out of fake!world. I kind of love this so far. :)

I'm proud of myself for climbing the hill this morning! I was feeling lazy, but I'm only going to be doing cardio type stuff twice a week now (because that's how often I'm shampooing so that the hair colour doesn't fade, shh, I've never coloured my hair before!) so this was my "chance" to do it before Sunday. I put the entire season of a TV series that shall not be named on my Creative Zen, so I always have something to watch. :)

Sharks hockey tonight! :D But no Setoguchi. :(
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