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The Invincible M.A.E.

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So I went and got the teal streaks in my hair yesterday. :D I went to the Wak Shack Salon in the Lower Haight. Kat, who did my hair, was really nice, and she said she had some teal in her hair last week, hehe. I'm really happy with how it turned out! Right now it's darkish (the colour will brighten after a couple of shampoos, she said) but totally obvious, especially in sunlight.

My roomie took pictures, but the camera didn't really pick up the colour cos' we were indoors. So I screened them 532072047207 times. There's actually more teal in it than even the altered pics, but here you go! :D

I got my Creative Zen yesterday too! I love it so far! Bright, pretty screen, smooth playback, viewable from a wide angle. I'll have to see how good it looks watching it in sunlight, though.

(Deleted comment)
I'm going to do it again in February for the trip with tersa!


Oh, it looks nice! Sometimes highlights turn out so wrong but the teal looks great against the black. :)

Hee, official Sharks colours! :D

Thanks! :D There is more teal in it. I'll try to get a better picture.

Hee, nice!

I just have a crappy old RCA mp3 player right now, think I'm going for a Zen next time. Zunes are supposed to be terrible and everything else is just meh, and I refuse to buy an iPod. (But I also hate that iPods are prettier than everything. CURSE YOU, APPLE. Um, anyway!)

I've got a Zune and I love it -- it really depends on your personality, as far as which mp3 player you'll love goes. My Zune suits me, iPods suit others, and so on and so forth.

Ooh, that looks so good! I had red (crimson, not copper!) put in my hair not too long ago and it looked so amazing but it faded so fast. :( I loved it so much I may get it done again sometime (and maybe get some of that shampoo you're supposed to use with a red dye job, which might - hopefully! - make it last longer).

Thanks! I bought some colour-safe shampoo from them and she said to just wash with it twice a week and if I'd like to wash it more often than that, maybe just rinse with water and condition. And to use cool water if possible, and no styling products that contain alcohol.

Apparently it will brighten after a couple of washes too! *hops*

Oooo, dude, I really like your new haircut now. I liked it before, but I feel like it's settled into your head now. Um. Does that make sense?

Hee, thanks! It's grown out a little and she put styling stuff just after the cut in those first pictures so maybe that's why it's a little different. I'm still very happy with it!

Thanks! :D I'm very happy with it. :)

Ahhh, it looks awesome! Very cute :)

Thanks! I'm going to try to take more pictures so that the teal is more visible. :)

Your hair is awesome, awesome, awesome.

Also, I'm glad you like your mp3 player. I love my little Creative Micro so much, and I have a darn good set of Creative speakers as well, so basically I just sing the praises of them all the time.

Thanks! :D I'm going to try to take better pictures of it. I glow mutant teal in sunlight!

Yay! Yeah, they're better feature-wise (and quality-wise) I think. I really like having the FM tuner on mine, too. :)

Thanks! And it's going to get brighter, whee!