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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Fuck you, separated shoulder, Thorty can still throw, MY HAIR

I'm getting the teal streaks in my hair today!!! I'm so excited. :D I'm mostly doing this because I've never coloured my hair before. I know I wanted something bright, so why not teal? I will have Sharks coloured hair. :)

A's game on Friday was good even though it was a loss. Haren pitched well (finally, I got to see the butt pat live! Not once, but twice! *sigh*), and I got to see lastcatastrophe!!! *snuggles* We got to watch fireworks after the game. I really enjoyed them and had a smile on my face the whole time! *12 years old* They can do pretty nifty things with them now, like they have thingies that go in squiggly motion instead of just falling or exploding, and they also have like... cluster bomb fireworks that divide and explode and divide and explode.

Had dinner with tersa at Spice Islands, which is a Southeast Asian restaurant in Mountain View. It was good! I'm happy that SE Asian food seems to be growing in popularity around here. :) Then we went to the Sharks game vs Calgary and it was so so so good to see all the boys!!! We went down to the glass for warmups and I saw Setoguchi close up. The boy has non-embarrassing facial hair, which is very un-rookie-like. I did get to see him make a nifty move but didn't get much time. Injured/benched in the 3rd? Goc flew. I hope he has a big season. JR was bad: turnovers, bad penalties, passing into skates, etc. Ehrhoff and Carle seemed like they were on the ice all the time, which makes me happy. All of them (except JR) make me happy!!! *bursts into tears*

The whole thing where I watch Other Sports now is seriously knocking me out of sync with hockey or something. Alex Smith separated his throwing shoulder and is out 4-6 weeks. :( :( :( This was supposed to be the season where I could watch games thinking, "Hmm, maybe with luck they can win!" instead of "Hmm, maybe with luck they can score a touchdown!" Zito pitched really well yesterday, which was completely useless, of course. Then he whined about guys not taking the (meaningless) game seriously. I haven't watched the A's game yet, which I recorded because Cheech and Clowe were there and apparently doing something with hockey sticks, and Cheech was supposed to be in the booth. I will upload to my stealth account.

I think it's funny that Pronger gets booed everywhere he goes, even London! The little Slovakian groupies were so adorable with their flag and umm, Slovakian flag-coloured jester hats (not making this up). I thought the first game had the feel of a pre-season game, because it was in a weird place and there were so many Kings babies. Still entertaining, though. The Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier was really good! I'm only halfway through the 2nd game, but I got to see a Thorty interview and his fight with Parros! The boy can still throw. *sheds proud tear*

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(Deleted comment)
Part of his attempt to lay low, I guess. :P

Spice Islands is a place me and Andrew go to all the time. Glad to hear that you like it; makes it more authentic for us, haha. Can't wait to see the teal streaks in your hair. I want to do something interesting with my hair toooo...

The only thing it doesn't have is the elusive oyster omelette! I'll have to track down a Taiwanese place in the city to see how good their version is. :P

Hee, what do you want to do? A fun cut? I'm really happy with how my hair turned out!!! The teal looks very nice with the black. I will post pictures when I get home.

Your teal streaks sound awesome.

The little Slovak groupies were probably akin to the same ones who show up at every international competition in groups where they paint their entire bodies and at least one always looks drunk enough to have like...gotten a flag tattoo across his forehead or something.

I do recall face paint, I think! I was very taken with the jester hats, though. :D

Oooooh, teal streaks.

I had to go to a bridal shower, so I missed the game yesterday. Perhaps it was just as well. I'm so bummed out about Smith, though. :( I've also been so sucked into the NFL that I a) more or less forgot about baseball after attending my last game and b) did not realize that the hockey season started already. Bleh. Maybe I'll be on track in a couple of days.

I love them!

It was really depressing. I switched over to the Giants game instead. *sigh*

I want to see pics of your new hair!

I'm so glad someone else noticed that about Pronger! Everyone else seems to just be glossing over the fact that his ass got booed!

Doesn't make a good story, I suppose. :P

Hairrrrrrrr. I'm excited to see :D

And you'll post pictures of your hair, right? I think they'd look really good, as long as the teal is bright. :D

Posted pictures, but not very good ones. The hairdresser (colourist?) told me they would brighten after a couple of shampoos. Perhaps I will take more then!

Haha, I went Sunday, the people just behind me were booing Pronger every time he went anywhere near the puck, gave me a good giggle!

That's pretty awesome!!! I'm glad you got to go to an NHL game. :)

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