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Today is a good day

I woke up this morning having had enough sleep, which is a major victory in and of itself. :D Then I went to the 24 hour fitness a block from my office and they have free towel service! I thought that you only get that at your "home" gym, but apparently not. This one is much closer so it's nice. :) It's kind of sad, but I think having to bring my own towel in to the gym is very close to a dealbreaker; I walk to work, boo to lugging towels.

I walked into the locker room and there was a scary amount of big boobs around! In my country big boobs are a rare and wonderful thing, and also we never see each other naked, even in locker room type situations, so suddenly being confronted with so many big boobs all at the same time was quite bracing! Good thing everyone didn't release them all at once.

But the best part of today will be going to the A's game later with lastcatastrophe! It's going to be my last baseball game of the season *sniffle* but I will finally get to see Haren pat his own ass right in front of me!!! :D

[Edit: At lunch today, Chip randomly blurted something about Zito liking buttsex and I just about died laughing.]
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