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The Invincible M.A.E.

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TV, Telegraph Hill, unlikely hero

I haven't even finished watching all my summer TV yet and now there's a whole bunch of new fall TV shows! *runs around in circles* I've recorded a bunch of stuff and so far I've only watched K-Ville, Chuck and Heroes.

K-Ville: I really like this. I visited New Orleans in 2002 (or 2001?) just before Mardi Gras and absolutely loved the city. It's really unique and totally has its own identity and I love the French influence because that means that the people there love food. Eating is Singapore's national pasttime so it was wonderful to be in a place where people chat about restaurants they've been to and places they've been. I love oyster po boys and the sweet potato catfish at the Redfish Grill in the French Quarter.

Wait, what was I talking about? Uhh, so the show is filmed in that gritty style, slightly desaturated, slightly sepia-toned so it's very visually appealing to me. And I like the cast so far. Simone from Heroes is one of the cops! But really, this is mostly city porn for me. I haven't watched Journeyman yet but it looks like it's going to be city porn too - SF porn, no less - so I think I'll like that as well.

Chuck: Geeky/sci-fi/funny and a large part of it set in a Fry's-like electronics store. I didn't fall in love with it, but I liked it enough to keep watching for a few more episodes, at least, unless they do something horrifying.

Heroes: That music at the beginning of the show totally gets to me. I love soundtracks in general, so hearing that bit of music, along with the familiar Suresh intro speech brought me right back into the show. Absolutely love the addition of Sark from Alias as Takeshi Kensei. West seems like a lecherous version of Zach to me. I want gay Zach back. Oh wait, Zach never got to be gay because the stupid actor didn't want him to be. BOO!

As part of my new commitment to daily exercise of some sort, I climbed up and down Telegraph Hill twice this morning. Perhaps one day I will be able to run up the stairs, but for now? Noooooo. Working up to it by doing short intervals of running. I was up there at Coit Tower around 8 AM and there were quite a few old Chinese people up there exercising. I don't know if I'll be able to make it up the hill at that age!

Davison winning the shootout for us? :O

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Oh wait, Zach never got to be gay because the stupid actor didn't want him to be. BOO!

For real?! :| Fuck that; now I'm glad he fell off the face of the show.

Yeah, I was kind of aghast about the whole story.

This describes Zach going from gay to straight, and there's a little more about it here which is kind of interesting to me, because previously I'd read that his agent didn't want the character to be gay because she thought it would hurt his chances of getting the part in The Sarah Conner Chronicles but the bit about his response seems to contradict that.

Well, hopefully his explanation is what it was, because it's pretty lame to worry about playing gay characters these days given that actors who are actually gay come out and nobody cares.

Thanks! And yeah, I hope his explanation sums up what actually happened, because otherwise it's just ridiculous.

Btw, experimenting with new layouts? :P

Btw x2, that email that never turned up came in . . . a couple of days ago. WTF?

Hmm, so it arrived one trauma later? Very odd!

I think I will stick with his one! At least until it hits winter. The blue one was nice but kind of drab. Of course I'm looking at this on a flat panel. When I get home I may find that it looks absolutely ghastly on a CRT.

Yes, I think it decided to come as a warning instead. Odd, but possibly handy?

I have no flat panel, but I think this is pretty. :)

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