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Babies, babies, everywhere!

As of last week, the Niners had as many wins as they had the entire season when I started following them.

Went to the Sharks website to watch pre-season game highlights and they made me weepy. I really, really hope Setoguchi makes the team. I like him as much as I could possibly like a player without having seen them play. I kept track of what he was doing in Prince George then listened to several playoff games and was very impressed with how clutch he was. Plus he could bond with Cheech. :P

Thanks to the power of advertising, after 3 days of being exposed to iPod nano commercials, I noticed that there was video and it revived my plan of getting some sort of portable video player so I can watch TV on the way to and back from work.

I'm making a decision between the iPod nano, Creative Zen or iPod touch, taking into consideration price and screen size. The Zen has an FM tuner, while the touch has wi-fi capability, so that might be handy on trips or whatever in wi-fi hotspots. If only they kept the camera functionality, like what the iPhone has, then I probably would just get that and not consider the other options. I'll probably wait a couple of weeks to see if I can get my hands on the Zen and touch and compare screens. :)

[Edit: Saw a picture of Noah Lowry in a T-shirt from a couple of weeks ago. Lira, he's not fat, just like we said! :D]

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