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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Babies, babies, everywhere!

As of last week, the Niners had as many wins as they had the entire season when I started following them.

Went to the Sharks website to watch pre-season game highlights and they made me weepy. I really, really hope Setoguchi makes the team. I like him as much as I could possibly like a player without having seen them play. I kept track of what he was doing in Prince George then listened to several playoff games and was very impressed with how clutch he was. Plus he could bond with Cheech. :P

Thanks to the power of advertising, after 3 days of being exposed to iPod nano commercials, I noticed that there was video and it revived my plan of getting some sort of portable video player so I can watch TV on the way to and back from work.

I'm making a decision between the iPod nano, Creative Zen or iPod touch, taking into consideration price and screen size. The Zen has an FM tuner, while the touch has wi-fi capability, so that might be handy on trips or whatever in wi-fi hotspots. If only they kept the camera functionality, like what the iPhone has, then I probably would just get that and not consider the other options. I'll probably wait a couple of weeks to see if I can get my hands on the Zen and touch and compare screens. :)

[Edit: Saw a picture of Noah Lowry in a T-shirt from a couple of weeks ago. Lira, he's not fat, just like we said! :D]

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Mt dad has the Zen Vision:M and I have the Microsoft Zune. Both are excellent options. I have a hard time with the Vision:M's touch-scroll bar but my dad said it just took getting used to. It has a really nice crisp screen, I think about the same size as the regular iPod video.

The Zune is all buttons, not touch, but it has a bigger screen than the Zen or nano. If you like album art it wins hands down, the album art is full-screen. (You can't use it with a Mac.) It also has an FM radio.

The Creative Zen V+ can play video but it's only viable for tiny little videos, like TV ads or short clips. Not movies. The video uncompresses as it transfers to the player, so they take up way too much room. It also has a radio, plus audio recording from a line in or built-in mic.

Creative's software is THE BEST. It's SO easy to use. It just makes the player basically a folder in Explorer.

Hmm, neither of those really match what I'm looking for, though. The Creative Zen has a screen the same size as the iPod classic and is only $130, and is smaller and has non-HD based storage so it's hardier. The Zune's resolution is only 320x240 and is also HD-based storage, which I'd like to avoid paying extra for since I don't use the higher capacity.

Thanks for the info, though!

Which Zen are you talking about? All of Creative's players are called some variation of Zen. The regular plain ol' just "Zen" plays video, but you should check and make sure it doesn't do it like the V and V+ and uncompress the files, because it makes it pretty useless for movies/tv stuff.

It's just called Zen. Here. It claims 60 hours of video for 16 GB of storage, so 15 hours for the 4 GB version, which is fine for me. It's supported res is only 320x240, but that might actually look okay for that screen size. I'll have to see one in action! :)

Please to be keeping Devon! We have two times where we play PG on back to back nights and I really don't want to see him against my boys again! lol

I think he's too old to go back to Junior anyway, hehe!

I knew it! He doesn't look like one of those lean men though, either.

He's just a very solid guy! :)

Though I'm loathe to say it, Noah has a bit of Rick Nash syndrome. He has this round puppyish face and you expect the rest of him to match up, but then when you see him in civvies you realize he isn't fat at all! Although I think it's pretty much a matter of time before Nash turns into a little butterball, Nick Swisher style, but not Noah!

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