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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Well, I made it!

Here I am in Richardson, which is nearish Dallas. I just walked a few blocks to get lunch, and have discovered that nobody walks in Richardson!

As evidenced by the following:
The "push button to walk" buttons at traffic lights all don't work.
Cars will try to run you over at crosswalks. Really, this is as it should be. :P
Nobody else was walking in Richardson.

The weather is actually almost perfect right now! It's 85 with about 60% humidity, which is almost as hot as Singapore, so I guess the problem back home is the horrifying humidity.

The Rangers are playing in Oakland this weekend, so I got to watch last night's game on TV. From 6-0 Rangers to 9-6 A's to 9-9 to 11-9 A's. At least I got to see Huston close, which is one of my favourite things to watch. :D The game going on right now is radio-only here. I guess the Rangers get neglected too.

Umm, is Grandy's a good place for breakfast? I saw that they have a breakfast buffet, which is one of those words that elicits a Pavlovian response from Singaporeans.

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The "push button to walk" buttons at traffic lights all don't work.

Hahaha, I know how that is! The big town I frequent has the same problem, so getting from store to store is a game of life and death for me, because I'd MUCH rather walk than drive.

It boggles me. Presumably they put in the resources to put in that stuff, wouldn't they have tested that it works at all?

I hear ya, I walk 1.5 miles each way to work in SF. :)

Grandy's isn't bad. It's very country-fried, well, everything. It's about IHOP level, just with more of a country spin.

If there are biscuits and gravy, I'm in!

Try to get run over by a Star passing through.

I forgot to mention I saw a Dallas Stars billboard on the way from the airport! It's the one that says "Maybe baseball should stop using the word sacrifice".

I don't know what Richardson is like, so I have no comment on that.

Nothing works in Texas.

This isn't shit. This is cool compared to how it usually is.

Rangers suck, that's why. Hicks cares more about that shitty team than he does the Stars.

I didn't even know Grandy's existed anymore. A breakfast buffet sounds gross. Ew.

I think that he cares more about soccer. AND COUNTING MONEY. Like in all those cartoons with scrooges.

See.. you're in Texas now. NO ONE walks in Texas unless their car breaks down and there's a service station in sight. Otherwise they just call someone on their cell phone and wait. ;)

And saying the name Grandy's gives me a Pavlovian reaction... just thinking of their rolls and mashed potatoes makes me drool. Now I want some. Yes, food there is all fried or baked or high in cholesterol. but gooood if you like country fried. :) Have no idea how their breakfast is though.

Heh, like how no one walks in LA.

Mmm, rolls, mashed potatoes...

I saw that they have a breakfast buffet, which is one of those words that elicits a Pavlovian response from Singaporeans.

**snerks** And Moroccans.

Also, the Texas announcers kinda cracked me up last night, with the 40 minute tangent into the art of scoring.

It used to be about the face stuffing for me, but now I like the idea of variety.

Yeah, I think they were pretty bewildered by what was going on. :P

Welcome to the world outside of the Bay Area, where there is no puiblic transportation and get run over if you walk anywhere. :P

Well, I think you should be run over everywhere, just like the rest of the world. But there's public transportation in a lot of places!

Oh hey! This is a kinda latish reply. So did you try the place? How was it?

I didn't really feel like a big breakfast this morning. I did buy this yummy chocolate chip bread from Atlanta Bread Company that I had instead though.

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