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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Giants starting pitchers

What is he saying?

Okay, so pitchers tend to cover their mouths when their catchers come out to talk to them on the mound, which I think is really funny and makes them look like kindergarteners, but I can understand that.

But what reason does Noah Lowry have to do that when he's talking to Zito in the dugout?

Guesses as to what he's saying? :P

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I don't know, but dude second from the left is watching and grinning.

The Mariners made a commercial about talking behind the glove last year. It's here. ^_^

The guy on the right is too!

LOL! Yeah, pretty much. Maybe he was making some unkind comment about Bengie Molina, who just hit a home run.

Possibly, I make unkind comments about Bengie all the time without covering my mouth.

They were both pretty smiley over whatever was said, though! :P

Maybe he's cupping his hand so that he can discreetly spit sunflower shells on him.

That's so romantic! *tears up*

Oh man. You know what they're saying!

"Hey you wanna come over tonight?"
Barry nods.
"What time?"
Barry shrugs.

Hahahaha. Alright, I'm done.
I hate poopmouths that talk crap about Bengie. I love that guy with a passion that burns like the firey depps. Okay... maybe not. But I do love him.

Perhaps he wants conditioning tips. :D

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