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Football conspires to kill me

Exercising in the morning seems to work for me. I'm not doing anything too strenuous so I end up being energized the rest of the day, and I can combine a gym trip with a Trader Joe's trip for buying stuff to cook. Stir-fry beef with coconut rice for dinner tonight!

Sadly, last night when there were 26 seconds left in the game, down 4, on 1st and goal, I was so nervous I had to change the channel. :( I changed it back just in time to see Arnaz Battle make it into the end zone. :D Alex Smith seemed kind of stoned when they interviewed him after the game, hehe. I love that he ran on 4th and 1. I'm conflicted, though. I love to watch him run, but then I worry that he's going to be killed. Also, I didn't know he's the youngest starting QB in the league. He's only 23!

And yay for baby Patrick Willis having a great regular season debut. :) Will watch the whole game when I get home to check on Vernon Davis and Manny Lawson (who are also 23! Babies!).

Flipped around to the A's and Giants games as well (sports overload!) and caught Dan Johnson's grand slam :D but missed Hennessey blowing the save. At least Lincecum seems to have pitched fairly well (from the stats, he was out of the game by the time I got home).

Speaking of babies, yet another one for the A's. It's gotten to the point where I feel weird when I don't see a new baby every week or so.
After one day in the majors, Barton is hitting .667 with an on-base percentage of .800. For his efforts, Barton was doused with beer when he got back into the clubhouse, courtesy of Nick Swisher, Mark Ellis and Jeff DaVanon.

"They told me there was a team meeting, so I ran in there and they showered me," Barton said. "I tried to duck and just wore it."

"I'm getting a Daric Barton jersey when we get home," pitcher Dallas Braden announced in the middle of the clubhouse.

When Barton arrived Monday, Braden had asked him, "How'd you manage to get on the plane with all the River Cats on your back?" Barton was coming off a tremendous playoff series at Triple-A Sacramento in which he hit .550 with 10 RBIs, and his three-run homer Sunday sent the River Cats to the Pacific Coast League finals.

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